From drone images of the ceremony to thoughtful gifts

Developers Conference WWDC 2023 Apple will finally be held today. Now in new images taken by drones from above Apple Park Taken, it shows off the big thing that Apple has in store for this year’s event: a special display area that appears to be Mixed reality headset This company is dedicated. Bloomberg’s Mark German […]

Falcon-9 rocket reached orbit

June 4, 2010, the first rocket Falcon-9 Made by SpaceX On its maiden voyage, it was launched from Cape Canaveral and reached orbit. SpaceX by Elon Musk Was established. Falcon-9 is a commercial rocket that was designed to take the cargo into the earth’s orbit and its height reaches 67 meters. The mission was a […]

Paradise Lost; Expulsion from the Garden of Eden

The collection of poems, Paradise Lost, which has been translated as “Paradise Lost” due to its better communication with the Persian-speaking reader, is the work of John Milton, a great English poet, who tells the story of Satan’s rebellion, his expulsion from the angels, and his plan to mislead newly created beings. Lord (Adam and […]

NASA Image of the Day: Color the Universe!

If you’re interested in coloring the universe, print out or even color digitally this famous astronomical image. What do we see in today’s NASA image? This image has been printed and seen in many places in the last 100 years, but its designer has remained unknown until now. On the other hand, this work has […]

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