10% impact of DirectStorage technology on Forspoken frame rate

The RTX 4090 graphics card shows up to 10% lower frame rate in Forspoken game by using direct storage technology. Gives.

Microsoft’s DirectStorage technology uses GPU power to decompress compressed video game data, improving system load times. But the more data through the GPU pass, gamers are more likely to notice a drop in graphics performance. The same thing in the new video of the German channel PC Games Hardware has been exhibited.

This test uses three PCIe Gen4 and PCIe Gen3 and SATA SSD memory chips done. This memory is next to a processor Intel Core i9-12900K is used.

10% impact of Forspoken frame rate with DirectStorage technology

Forspoken game As the first game with support for the new version of Microsoft technology DirectStorage has become a testing tool for game developers and GPU builders. Today, all companies use this game to check the performance changes of their products. But the results obtained can be different depending on the type of hardware under review.

For example RTX 4090 graphics card in resolution 4K Up to 10% lower frame rate when using DirectStorage has shown The frame rate of the images of this game in this test has reached from 83.2 to 74.4. Of course, it should be noted that the slowest game frames that The famous one percent FPS did not show much difference, which has led to the constant smooth running of the game.

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