14 attractive James Bond cars from the past to the present

In all the movies about the missions assigned to the 007 agent, there is a specific formula that seems to have kept its effectiveness over the years. The role of James Bond should always be played by the most popular actors, he should be accompanied by the most attractive actresses, James Bond should use at least five special and unique spy tools, and finally, there should always be a special car with stunning features. have to depict spectacular chase scenes.

Over the years since the first James Bond film series, there have been some interesting cars from the famous brands used in these films, each of which had something amazing to offer with the help of special effects. Among James Bond’s cars, we can mention Aston Martin, Lotus Spirit and Ford Mustang. That’s why it’s hard to choose the best and iconic examples among all these cars. However, the following list takes a look at the most diverse examples of cars used in James Bond films. Stay with us in this review.

Side view of the Sunbeam Alpine car used in the James Bond movie

1- Sunbeam Alpine car

  • Used in the movie: Dr No (Dr No)
  • Year of construction: 1962
  • James Bond actor: Sean Connery

Naturally, the first great British spy car should also be a national car. At the time, it was rumored that the Sunbeam Alpine car used in the film was borrowed from somewhere to save on transportation costs.

Many people may not be aware that Sunbeam Alpine was one of the top British car manufacturers in the fifties and this particular example was one of the best products produced at that time. was going. These features made this car to be used in the first James Bond movie and although it was not seen like other 007 agent cars, it is undoubtedly an important part of the history of this series.

The classic Bentley car model that was used in the movie From Russia with Love from the James Bond series

2- Bentley car (Bentley Mark IV)

  • Used in the movie“From Russia with love”From Russia With Love)
  • Year of construction: 1963
  • James Bond actor: Sean Connery

The choice of this car should be considered an amazing choice for this special agent. Since our leading spy was equipped with the latest modern technologies to carry out his mission, the choice of this car, which was 30 years old when the film was made, may seem a little strange and unexpected. It was really a bit strange to choose this example, however, since Fleming Bond had driven a Bentley car in the books, it was expected that Bond would also drive a Bentley car in the movies.

Sean Connery as James Bond next to Aston Martin DB5

3- Aston Martin car (Aston Martin DB5)

  • Used in two moviesGoldfinger and No Time to Die
  • Year of construction: 1964 and 2021
  • James Bond actors: Sean Connery and Daniel Craig

The first Aston Martin used in the James Bond film series, which became the icon of the series. After that, Aston Martin was used many times in other movies such as “Golden Eye” (GoldenEye), “Tomorrow never dies” (Tomorrow Never Dies), “Skyfall” (Skyfall) and of course one of the last versions of this movie, that is, there is no time to die. In fact, in total, this car was used in seven movies.

Looking at the DB5, it’s easy to see why it’s been so popular. For starters, this model is one of the most beautiful British cars of all time. The DB5 was also nothing short of a powerhouse, thanks to a 4.0-liter straight-six engine that made 325 horsepower. The version of the Aston Martin used in this film had several gadgets, including rotating license plates, an ejector seat, a water cannon, a smoke screen, and machine guns hidden in the front and rear. They were.

Red Japanese Toyota sports car

4- Toyota 2000GT car

  • Used in the movie: You Only Live Twice
  • Year of construction: 1967
  • James Bond actor: Sean Connery

It’s hard to imagine a choice other than the Toyota to drive in Japan, especially considering this model is Japan’s first supercar. This car is one of the most iconic Japanese sports cars that impressed everyone with its beautiful appearance.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that Sean Connery had a little trouble sitting inside this model of car due to his height. As a result, the production team had to make some changes to provide enough space for the actor to sit. In this way, the car that had a roof was converted into a roadster so that Connery would be more comfortable when getting in and sitting in the car.

Mercury Cougar car used in James Bond movie

5- Mercury Cougar car

  • Used in the movie: In Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  • Year of construction: 1969
  • James Bond actor: George Lazenby

After the huge success of the Mustang in the 60s, Ford decided to create its own version of the legendary pony car, and that’s how the Cougar came into the market. This car was basically a reconstruction of the Mustang, which had a nicer interior.

When Bond was on the run and no Aston Martin was available, he was forced to drive a Mercury Cougar. A car that, although it was a little difficult to drive, had a stylish and graceful appearance. In the movie, while driving on icy roads, some tricks and tricks were also displayed, which were remarkable.

A red Ford Mustang driving down the street in the movie Diamonds Are Forever from the James Bond film series

6- Ford Mustang car

  • Used in the movieDiamonds Are Forever
  • Year of construction: 1971
  • James Bond actor: Sean Connery

Sean Connery returned once again as James Bond and shook the box office again. This issue was partly due to the return of one of the most popular films of this series. This time, the Ford company also took action and provided an unlimited number of cars to the filmmakers in exchange for the Mustang advertisement in this film. It may be very unpleasant to hear this news to say that almost all of these cars were destroyed during the making of the film.

Hornet car jumping over the river in James Bond movie

7- AMC Hornet car

  • Used in the movie: The Man With The Golden Gun
  • Year of construction: 1974
  • James Bond actor: Roger Moore

In the movie The Golden Gun, Roger Moore as agent 007 enters a car dealership and steals this magnificent car. But maybe if someone asks Bond himself if he likes to drive this car or not? Probably the answer was negative. But anyway, it was a publicity deal that made five million dollars.

After stealing this red car, Roger Moore chased the enemies in an impressive maneuver, and even the scene of him jumping over the river is considered one of the best Bond film stunts of all time.

James Bond's version of the Lotus Spirit car with the ability to transform into a submarine in the spy movie I Loved

8- Lotus Esprit car

  • Used in the movieThe Spy Who Loved Me
  • Year of construction: 1977
  • James Bond actor: Roger Moore

The Lotus Spirit car should be considered one of the most stylish cars that have ever been used by the Mi Six officer. This machine could be used on the ground, air and even underwater. Yes, you heard right. This car could easily be converted into a submarine.

Arguably, if there was at least one other car that could challenge Aston Martin’s iconic power in the James Bond franchise, the Lotus Spirit would undoubtedly be the name. This car was used in the best James Bond chase scene of all time and the producers of the film made sure that Lotus was ready and armed for this challenge. The look of the Lotus was so memorable that it was pre-sold for three years after the film’s release.

You should know that one of the Lotus Spirits used in this movie was bought by Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, during the London auction in 2013.

Timothy Dalton as James Bond next to the Aston Martin V8

9- Aston Martin V8 car

  • Used in the movie: The Living Daylights
  • Year of construction: 1987
  • James Bond actor: Timothy Dalton

The next James Bond of the cinema world was Timothy Dalton, and with this new appearance, the Aston Martin car was used again in the Bond film series after a long hiatus of eighteen years. The presence with the new equipment that was installed in this car was not less than a terrible explosion.

The new car had a control panel that our expert spy could use to operate lasers, launch and boost rockets, as well as operate studded tires. Of course, this car had other features to exactly match the needs of James Bond.

BMW seven series car in the desert

10- BMW 7 series car (BMW 750IL)

  • Used in the movie: Tomorrow Never Dies
  • Year of construction: 1997
  • James Bond actor: Pierce Brosnan

The BMW 750IL model not only benefited from the latest spy technologies in the world, but also improved in terms of driving quality. This car was equipped with a bulletproof body and glass, and it also had various rockets and tear gas. Another interesting aspect of this new model was the ability to control it through an advanced smartphone (of course, related to that time). These new facilities caused this car to leave a memorable memory in the minds of the audience, even though thanks to the special effects.

Among the other features of James Bond’s BMW car was the presence of a rocket launcher on the roof, as well as having a security system that, if the car is damaged, repels some attacks such as the use of tear gas or electric shock.

James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan drove by the BMW car

11- BMW Z8

  • Used in the movie: The World Is Not Enough
  • Year of construction: 1999
  • James Bond actor: Pierce Brosnan

Just like the previous examples, the magnificent supercar Z8 was a well-equipped car and everything was complete. This was the last movie in which we saw Agent Amy I-Six driving a BMW car. However, Kio Fekri also thought about morning coffee and by adding 6 cup holders, he made this car more complete than ever.

Although overall this car had less gadgets than previous models, it still had a missile system that was launched from its side vents. These missiles were guided and controlled through a special display installed in the steering wheel of the car. Also, this car, like other BMWs used in Bond movies, had remote control capabilities.

James Bond's car with the presence of Pierce Brosnan in the movie

12- Aston Martin car (Aston Martin V12)

  • Used in the movieDie Another Day
  • Year of construction: 2002
  • James Bond actor: Pierce Brosnan

Finally, after promoting brands such as Ford and BMW, the makers of the James Bond series went back to the British car Aston Martin. This particular model had the unique ability to become invisible, which led many people to call it a ridiculous invention. However, most fans of this seasoned spy have welcomed and loved this new feature.

Aston Martin was used in two movies, Casino Royale and Zoreh-e-Rahamm

13- Aston Martin car (Aston Martin DBS V12)

  • Used in two movies: Casino Royale and Quantum of Mercy
  • Year of construction: 2006 and 2008
  • James Bond actor: Daniel Craig

Casino Royale is another movie of this series, which was made with Daniel Craig as the new James Bond of the cinema world. This fresh start was the perfect time to take advantage of a new Aston Martin. Compared to the previous models, this car had less gadgets and to give a more serious effect to the film, it was presented more realistically than ever.

Aston Martin DB10 model used in Spectre

14- Aston Martin car (Aston Martin DB10)

  • Used in the movie: Specter
  • Year of construction: 2015
  • James Bond actor: Daniel Craig

The movie Specter was the 24th James Bond movie and the Aston Martin model used in this movie was specially designed for it. It is exactly like a ghost. A different car from the others that showed viewers a special image of Agent 007’s vehicle without having multiple flamethrowers and machine guns.

In the end, which is your favorite car? Which James Bond car is empty in this list? If you were the agent of 007, which car would you prefer to drive? We are still eager to hear your opinions, dear ones, share them with us and your other friends, thank you

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