5 attractions of Kish Island that you must see

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The amazing island of Kish is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran, which hosts many tourists every year with its spectacular attractions and unique beaches. After choosing the travel destination, you should be familiar with the top tourist attractions of the island and as soon as you touch the soil of the island, go to see these attractions. On the other hand, choosing the right accommodation and hotel is one of the most important concerns of travel planning. This luxury island, which shines like a gem in the Persian Gulf, has many accommodation centers that make it difficult for travelers to make a decision. In this article, get to know the most important tourist attractions of Kish and have a pleasant stay on this island.

Where are the sights of Kish?

Kish is one of the most touristic islands in Iran. How many days you intend to stay on this island has an impact on your planning to see tourist attractions. If you are staying in Kish Island for less than a week, you should see a little bit more attractions. But if you take this list with you, you are sure that you have seen the most important attractions of Kish.

1- Greek ship of Kish

You must have seen many photos and images of the Greek ship of the island. This ship in 1345 and when it was passing through the Persian Gulf; Forever near the beach and the village of Bago (a village in the southwest of Kish Island), it got off the path and got stuck in the mud. Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit the interior of the ship, but the attractions around this ship are fun and spectacular.

In addition to watching a unique scene of the sunset next to the Greek ship, you will also have the opportunity to explore the beach park next to this attraction. This beach park offers a variety of entertainment and facilities such as bike rental, electric scooters and scooters, camel riding and horse riding. If you go to Kish, be sure to take some souvenir photos with the background of the sea and ships. The ship does not have visiting hours, but it is better to go here near sunset to enjoy watching the sunset.

2- The underground city of Kariz

Another attraction of the island is the underground city of Kariz, which is more than 2500 years old. This old aqueduct, which supplied drinking water to the native people, has now been transformed into a beautiful underground city. This underground city has different parts such as traditional restaurant, handicraft cafe, etc., which hosts tourists.

The underground city of Kariz can be visited every day from 10 am to 10 pm. But we suggest you make sure it is active before going to this collection. You can easily ask local people.

3- Harire city of Kish

The ancient city of Harirah, which is considered the oldest part of Kish, is located on the north coast of the island. It dates back to the early Islamic period and the Sassanid era. In the archeological searches of this complex, aqueducts, a mosque, a mosque, and noble houses have been discovered.

The city of Harirah is an important historical port with a very high history, which now has the remains of an advanced water supply system and many architectural works in it.

It has been explored. It is better to consider early morning to visit this attraction.

4- The beautiful beach of Marjan Kish

What is better than watching the sunrise in the pleasant morning air on the coral beach of Kish? If you have such an experience once, you will be sure how pleasant it can be to wake up early in the morning.

Marjan Beach or Hafeziyah Beach is located in the southeast of Kish Island and is one of the most beautiful, special and cleanest beaches in southern Iran in the Persian Gulf. Where the golden sands shine under the sun and if you take a boat tour around it, you can see beautiful and colorful fish.

5- Persian Gulf Museum

Going to the beautiful beaches of the Persian Gulf is incomplete without visiting the Persian Gulf Museum. A complex consisting of 5 galleries dedicated to the sale and display of handicrafts and beautiful works. This complex is designed according to the natural shape of the shell and its wavy roof is a symbol of the roaring waves of the Persian Gulf. If you are planning to buy, this collection is a good opportunity.

The large entertainment pier of Kish

Another popular attraction of the island that you can visit by buying a plane ticket from Tehran to Kish is Kish’s large entertainment pier. This pier is an ideal place to experience all kinds of exciting and memorable marine activities. In this pier, you can experience activities such as boating, jet skiing, diving, parasailing and fly boarding. Among the other sights of Kish that you can see on your trip to Kish, you should mention Ahvan Park, Simorgh Beach Park, etc.

Buy plane tickets to Kish

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