50 news websites use artificial intelligence to generate content

A recent report published by the organization Newsguard (NewsGuard) shows that at least 50 active websites in the field of news and information use artificial intelligence to generate most of their content. Some of these sites publish hundreds of news every day, which contain many repetitive and untrue content.

What is the characteristic of fake news according to Newsguard?

The Newsguard organization specializes in tracking down false information, and for this purpose, it continuously monitors various news websites and databases. The organization has recently announced that at least 50 websites use artificial intelligence to generate news, and almost all of the content published by them is written with the help of AI-based tools such as ChatGPT. The common denominator of most of these news is soft language and repeated phrases.

Some content produced by artificial intelligence contains wrong information and in most cases, the sources used by them are not very clear. For example, the website Celebritiesdeaths.com announced in a fake news that the President of the United States has passed away and his deputy will act as his successor. Newsguard experts believe that the fear of media control by artificial intelligence has come close to reality today, and such websites can be a clear example of this phenomenon.

An example of a news article written by artificial intelligence.

One of the main concerns raised is related to the false information that is usually seen in the content written by artificial intelligence. If there is no human supervision on such writings and websites do not edit the mistakes before publication, it is possible that these texts will be used as a source for writing future news by automated tools. Such a faulty chain can help spread fake news and have adverse consequences.

Currently, recognizing the content produced by artificial intelligence is not a difficult task; Because in the event of important events, such as the death of Joe Biden, most reputable news agencies cover it. For this reason, users can distinguish false information from real data by comparing several news sources. Also, most of the websites that use artificial intelligence are saturated with numerous pop-up and graphic ads and do not look like a professional news site.

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