8 perfect horror movies with only one character

The horror genre is constantly coming up with innovative ideas and creations as it tries to find new ways to scare its audience. Movie audiences love to be scared and there is nothing scarier than being alone. Of course, that’s not entirely true, but the thought of facing some of life’s most terrifying horrors alone is guaranteed to keep many awake at night. This is a concept that the world of cinema – and especially the horror genre – has often moved towards, experimented with, and in some cases, has pushed the cinema as a whole in an exciting direction.

Seeing a character alone in such scary scenarios is exciting and fascinating, something that makes watching the horror movies that follow so much fun. Although some of these films witness the presence of secondary characters for a short period of time, their story is almost entirely about a single character, and those small parts of the presence of others are only a tool to make the story of the lone protagonist more tense. . Each of these films uses a unique way of providing the conditions for a single character story that allows for the ultimate fear and terror in a wide range of scenarios. Each of these movies will stay with you for a long time, especially if you watch them alone.

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8 perfect horror movies with only one character

Duel (1971)

This cult classic was released as part of ABC’s Movie of the Week series, but after this single episode was a hit, it was released in theaters. Duel was the first experience of directing a feature film for Steven Spielberg and therefore has a special place in the history of cinema. But this position is more than just one of Spielberg’s strong resumes, as Duel is an engaging horror film that makes you worry about safety when traveling off-road. It’s a very minimal story about David Mann’s character, played by Dennis Weaver, who encounters a murderous and clearly mentally challenged truck driver on the roads of the Mojave Desert.

After Mann is overtaken by a creepy truck, the driver takes it to heart and actively tries to kill Mann while he tries to escape the ruthless attacks of this nameless and mysterious assailant. Although Mann meets a few people along the way, they are mostly very minor characters that provide the conditions for the continuation of his solo story, while the entire story is about the main character and his battle with the evil truck driver. is an adjective Duel’s simple plot never gets dull or boring, as Weaver does a good job of showing the horror of such a scenario to the audience, and the relentless efforts of the film’s invisible villain constantly take your breath away. It’s no wonder that Steven Spielberg became one of the icons of Hollywood after making such an astonishing first film.

8 perfect horror movies with only one character

An Evening Of Edgar Allan Poe (1970)

If your horror movie only has one actor, you’d better think it’s the legendary Vincent Price. An Evening Of Edgar Allan Poe is exactly what you would expect from the title. Audiences will have the opportunity to read four of Edgar Allan Poe’s existentialist stories as they watch the film, including The Revealing Heart, The Abyss and the Pendulum, The Barrel of Amontillado, and The Sphinx. One of the most impressive and fascinating aspects of this film is that even though there is no visuals to accompany the stories and narratives, they still keep you on the edge of your seat because the mood of the film is extremely scary and mysterious. .

Thanks to its simplicity, this film is an absolute masterpiece of storytelling. The film reaches its peak by casting a wonderful actor and allowing him to read the classic stories of this famous author with great energy and gusto. While this may lead you to think that you will encounter a dull movie, it is not because Poe’s language is perfect and Price has been able to bring this perfection of the author’s language to life with his special skills. A tasteful and loving tribute to an icon of Gothic horror literature, the film focuses entirely on one character who gives personal representations of the stories that have haunted our minds for generations.

Brake (2012)

The movie Brake is a very tense and scary movie that, with a simple concept, is about a man who is trapped inside the trunk of a car. Jeremy Raines is a US secret agent who is selected for a top secret mission but ends up being poisoned, assaulted and imprisoned in the trunk of a car. In this cramped and dark space, Reigns undergoes numerous physical and mental tortures, while trying to find information about the president’s secret hideout. During the story, he only hears the voice of another hostage on the other side of the wireless line, who is with him and helps him solve the mystery of the story.

Although there are few characters that are introduced in this story, a large part of the story of the film is only related to the main character and others have occasional and short appearances in the story only to emphasize the deterioration of the situation and the suffering of the victim. that Reigns is trying to survive this incident and prevent an imminent terrorist attack. Brake tackles a variety of topics, despite having an extremely minimalistic storyline. But the main horror of the story is always about the narrow and dark space in which the main character is trapped and the knowledge that Reigns has no power or possibility to save himself. Seeing a character whose life is completely out of control is terrifying and makes Brake worth watching.

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8 perfect horror movies with only one character

The Night Eats The World (2018)

Zombie movies are extremely scary. The idea of ​​a desolate, desolate world filled with walking corpses is enough to make us cringe, but in almost every zombie movie, the main characters form a group of survivors fighting for survival. This makes perfect sense because sticking together is a good idea when there is danger lurking around every corner, but The Night Eats The World takes the opposite route and asks the question, Can you survive the zombie apocalypse alone?

This is a French horror film about Sam, a musician living in Paris who wakes up one morning to find that the capital has been overrun by stinking zombies and soon finds out that he is the only survivor. From then on, Sam tries to survive in this scary and isolated world, with no one to accompany him except the monsters who want to eat him. Movies that are about zombies are generally not of much quality, because the concept has been overpaid in cinema and has long run out of new ideas to offer. But this film stands out from the rest of the zombie genre because Sam’s life-crushing isolation is as frightening as the physical threat of the zombies. He even becomes so impatient for human connection that he attempts to become a zombie at one point in the story, which makes The Night Eats The World equal parts terrifying and devastating. But, in fact, another character is also present in the story, but his presence also points to Sam’s extreme loneliness.

8 perfect horror movies with only one character

Time Crimes (2007)

This Spanish film, originally titled Los Cronocrimenes, is a highly destructive and brutal sci-fi horror thriller that has a certain appeal. Timecrimes tells the twisted story of a man named Hector, a man who finds himself in a repeating timeline and tries to erase his past selves. Not only does this film generally have one character, but you’ll see different versions of that character thanks to the time-traveling nature of the story. The protagonist desperately tries to change the devastating events that have hurt him and his wife Clara, but inevitably, all his efforts go astray.

The scary atmosphere and circumstances of the main character’s story and the inescapable sense of suffering make this film extremely devastating and constantly tense, and although the main character encounters others – including a scientist who talks to him through a walkie-talkie, The unnamed girl in the forest and his wife Clara – but the film mainly focuses on the character of Hector as he pursues this terrifying and violent scenario. The film is very engaging and cleverly hides its low budget with creative spaces and a constantly twisting plot that always seems to make sense, even as it gets more and more absurd and convoluted. This film is by no means an in-depth character study, but it makes a great and successful attempt to show how a character can occupy an hour and a half movie.

8 perfect horror movies with only one character

The Shallows (2016)

At least the characters in Jaws had a team ready to fight a giant cannibalistic shark, but poor Blake Lively has to fight a similar creature alone. The Shallows tells the story of Nancy, a surfer who finds herself 200 meters from shore but is attacked by a great white shark and has no way to hide or get to shore. The idea of ​​being caught in shark-infested waters is scary enough, but the thought of having to return to shore to treat your fatal wounds and not being able to is far more devastating. Although the film is just under an hour and a half long, it never gets boring because Nancy is a strong-willed character who is determined to save herself from this difficult situation.

His efforts to survive in these dire conditions make the film full of forward momentum that pushes the story well despite the very limited space of the story. The negative character of the story, which is a giant white shark, is extremely cruel and Nancy’s fight with it is scary but believable. Sometimes you don’t need a supernatural setting or a twisted story when nature itself can be this scary.

8 perfect horror movies with only one character

Buried (2010)

Moving on from Blake Lively to her husband, Ryan Reynolds, the couple will no doubt have some scary stories to tell each other over the dinner table. If The Shallows had a minimalist story, then Buried should be considered to have a story smaller than an atom because the whole story of this movie takes place in a limited, tight and dark space and of course with only one character. Buried is a very scary movie that will occupy your mind for a long time. The film follows an American truck driver named Paul Conroy who works in Iraq and is buried alive after being kidnapped. His captors try to extort money from his family and the company that Conroy works for to free him, but the film depicts the man’s efforts to survive, buried inside a coffin underground and He has a lighter, a pen and a mobile phone.

For many people, the idea of ​​being buried alive is the worst way to die, and understandably so. If you hate the idea of ​​confined spaces, then being stuck underground with sand slowly filling your little coffin must be devastating, and this movie portrays that in the most devastating way possible. kills Reynolds is fantastic in the lead role as he holds your attention throughout the story, although he never leaves that closed space. Buried cleverly keeps the story fun and moving despite having no special visuals, and thus is a perfect example of what can be done with a good script and a talented cast. .

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8 perfect horror movies with only one character

The Noah (1975)

The Noah is an extremely strange but wonderful story, but it can be seen as a perfect example of how to make a horror movie, but magnificent, with only one character. Although this film was released in 1975, it is still a lasting and avant-garde piece of horror cinema that discusses very real ideas about isolation and mental health. The film tells the story of a veteran soldier named Noah, played perfectly by Robert Strauss, which was his last film appearance. Noah is the sole survivor of a devastating nuclear war, left alone on a desert island, the only place free from nuclear radiation. He tries to survive, but his sanity gradually deteriorates, after Noah builds an imaginary society around himself.

Although this film only has one character, he fills his world with these fictional characters that allow the story to move forward through these fictional conflicts. The story of the movie is like climbing a mountain, the higher you go, the harder it gets and you have to work harder to reach the top. More importantly, the film’s black and white colors and creative visuals convey the film’s nihilistic and dark scenario well, making the film a visually impressive work, despite its minimalist approach to filmmaking.

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