8 Reasons You Should Be Excited for Oppenheimer

Fans of movies and series and people who always follow the news in this field, undoubtedly know that the year 2023 will be full of exciting and blockbuster titles and they are impatiently waiting for their release. There are many highly anticipated movies that are being made by well-known and experienced filmmakers and sooner or later they will hit the theaters all over the world. Christopher Nolan is one of these skilled and popular directors, who has always fascinated fans with his perfect works.

He, who has had the experience of making unique films such as The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception and Interstellar, is going to make a biographical film this year. Oppenheimer (Oppenheimer) to surprise the audience once again and start its tough competition with other movies. As the title suggests, the film is about Robert Oppenheimer, the “Father of the Atomic Bomb” and a prominent American scientist known for his role in the Manhattan Project—which led to the creation of the first nuclear weapons in World War II. It should be noted that this movie is scheduled to be released on July 1, 2023.Friday, July 30, 1402) is planned.

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The popular and talented Irish actor Cillian Murphy also plays the main role of the film, Robert Oppenheimer. The story of the film is actually an adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer by Kay Byrd and the late Martin J. Sherwin, which explores the conflict and politics surrounding the creation of the nuclear bomb and the complex man at the center of the story. The trailer and published reports of the film show that Nolan has even exceeded his usual standards this time; Along with visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson, the director and his team recreated the entire Los Alamos test site where the Trinity test took place, as well as the experiment itself and all the quantum physics work that Oppenheimer and his team did to build the atomic bomb.

In the usual Nolan tradition, it was shot in IMAX, and parts of it will also be in black and white. Oppenheimer is also interesting in that it marks the first collaboration between Nolan and Universal Studios. With all this said, Oppenheimer’s film can be considered as one of the candidates to receive the Oscar after its release in the summer of 2023.

Cillian Murphy has also appeared in some of Nolan’s past films and is considered to be one of his favorite actors. The Oppenheimer film will mark Cillian Murphy’s sixth collaboration with Christopher Nolan, as he also starred in Inception, the Dark Knight trilogy, and Dunkirk. The big difference between this collaboration and the previous films is that this time he will appear in the main role of the film and will have a large group of Hollywood stars by his side.

Definitely, filmmakers and Nolan fans are already impatiently waiting for the release of Oppenheimer’s film and watching it, and they have very good reasons for that. Now, in this article, we will try to point out the 8 main reasons why we should wait for Nolan’s new movie.

8. Christopher Nolan’s triumphant return

Oppenheimer's film

As mentioned earlier, Oppenheimer’s film, the latest work of Nolan, is one of the most admired filmmakers of the modern era, whose works mainly follow advanced, special and scientific production stages, and in this respect, they are very accurate and valuable. In fact, Oppenheimer can be considered Nolan’s second film about the events of World War II after Dunkirk in 2017.

Nolan’s reputation is so high that fans unconditionally go to the cinema to watch his films, and this new film of his after Tenet has a high chance of success at the box office and attracting critics. Although critics praised Christopher Nolan’s direction in Tenet, the film’s story was met with criticism. However, Tenet managed to win the Best Special Effects award at the 2021 Academy Awards. Therefore, Nolan should make more efforts to compensate for the criticism of Tenet in the context of the story of his new film.

7. Nolan’s reunion with Cillian Murphy

Oppenheimer's film

Nolan’s collaboration with Cillian Murphy goes back a long time, and as mentioned in the introduction, the two have previously worked together in Batman Begins, Indoctrination and Dunkirk, but this time we are going to see Murphy in the lead role. And according to the first released trailer of the film, Oppenheimer will have a crucial and defining role in the Irish actor’s career.

Undoubtedly, playing the role of Robert Oppenheimer is not an easy task and considering the historical dimension of this character, it has many complications for him. In addition, it is very clear that Oppenheimer has always struggled with a lot of guilt and pangs of conscience for collaborating in the creation of the atomic bomb and its use to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Definitely, Murphy will do his best to portray the role and this special film as best as possible and will not fail.

6. Great acting team

Oppenheimer's film

The selection of supporting actors in Oppenheimer’s film is so smart and professional that it alone is considered one of the most important reasons to watch this film and it can be considered one of the most star-studded films of recent cinema. Emily Blunt plays the role of Robert Oppenheimer’s wife (Katherine Oppenheimer Wissering) and Robert Downey Jr. plays Louis Strauss (US Secretary of Commerce).

Other actors include Matt Damon, Florence Pugh (as Jane Tatlock, an American psychiatrist, member of the Communist Party of the United States and Oppenheimer’s lover), Ben Safdie as Edward Teller (a member of the Manhattan Project and a Hungarian physicist), Kenneth Branagh, Matthew Modine, Gary Oldman (as President Harry Truman), Rami Malek, Jack Quaid, Josh Hartnett, Alex Wolff, Alden Ehrenreich, Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, James Darcy and Dean DeHaan.

5. Uncovering the ugly side of American history

Oppenheimer's film

By narrating the bitter and painful story of the creation of the atomic bomb and its use in war, Oppenheimer actually portrays the ugly and hopeless side of a part of American history. Many American schools may ignore the narrative of the inhumane tragedy that led to the atomic bombing of Japan in 1945. On the other hand, Oppenheimer and his fellow scientists are often cited as heroes for their actions in developing the atomic bomb and the Japanese attack on American soldiers at Pearl Harbor.

However, given Oppenheimer’s feelings about his actions, the film is likely to be more sympathetic to the innocent lives and people lost as a result of his discoveries. In addition, the continued presence of nuclear weapons used by world powers will likely be a hot topic of conversation after the film’s release.

4. Instead of computer effects (CGI), real effects have been used

Oppenheimer's film

One of the most anticipated moments that Oppenheimer’s film promises to depict is the reconstruction of the Trinity nuclear test in New Mexico in 1945. This was a historic moment for the Manhattan Project, as their test explosion in the Jornada del Muerto desert had an energy equal to 25 kilotons of TNT, which was even felt by some citizens of New Mexico.

It was in December 2022 that the media reported that Nolan had used real explosions in the making of his new film and to recreate the Trinity experiment. Some liked to make jokes and memes out of this, but others admired Nolan’s technical abilities for such a devastating explosion using real effects instead of CGI.

3. The presence of one of the best composers in Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer's film

As it turns out, Oppenheimer has all the makings of another Nolan epic. Nolan has hired one of the most talented composers, Ludwig Goransson, to score his new film. Goranson has already had the experience of working with Nolan in the movie Tenet, and by making new and creative works in the last few years, he has been noticed by many music lovers. Some of his best works date back to Black Panther and The Mandelorian series.

2. A movie that must be seen in the IMAX cinema

Oppenheimer's film

This movie is also interesting in another way. It’s worth noting that this is Nolan’s first film since 2000 that isn’t distributed by Warner Bros. This lack of cooperation was due to Nolan’s conflicts with this company, which had promised that the films of 2021 would be released simultaneously in theaters and the HBO Max service due to the corona virus epidemic. However, Nolan was more insistent on releasing Oppenheimer’s film in theaters.

Christopher Nolan’s desire to release the film in theaters is not a simple request. The film was mainly shot with a 65mm lens, which is a great screen resolution for large screens. In this way, audiences who are able to get IMAX cinema tickets in July 2023 will have a special and exceptional experience.

1. Released at the same time as another classic film

Oppenheimer's film

Another interesting aspect of this movie is its simultaneous release with the movie Barbie starring Margot Robbie. This movie, directed by Greta Gerwig, is scheduled to be released in theaters on July 21, 2023 (Friday, July 30, 1402). Margot Robbie plays the main role of Barbie in this film, and in addition to her, Ryan Gosling, Emma Mackey, Simo Liu, Will Ferrell and Kate McKinnon are present in it, and they consider it one of the best scripts they have ever read.

It is interesting to know that many Internet users have created memes and humorously state that Oppenheimer Nolan’s dark and scary film will be released at the same time as Gerwig’s cheerful and colorful Barbie. However, each fan is free in his choice and can choose the desired movie to watch in the cinema according to his taste.

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