A Chinese company uses artificial intelligence as its CEO

Chinese company NetDragon Websoft which is active in the development of online games and mobile applications, has recently announced that from a Artificial intelligence on the side CEO (CEO) will benefit.

Why artificial intelligence should be in the position of CEO?

The female artificial intelligence that is intended to take over the position of executive director in the mentioned company, Tang Yu It is called The officials of this company believe that the use of artificial intelligence can help transform the management system and improve operational efficiency.

It is worth noting that NetDragon Websoft is one of China’s technology giants that owns the franchise of several games in addition to online educational programs and services. Also, the companies under its ownership like Jumpstart have popular products. One of the most famous games of this company is called Neopets, where players take care of virtual animals.

CEO artificial intelligence

In the past, NetDragon Websoft had adopted very different approaches compared to other Asian entities, and its recent action is in line with this policy. The appointment of artificial intelligence as the CEO of a large company has also caused many discussions, and business experts have adopted different positions regarding this decision.

It goes without saying that Mrs. Tang Yu held the position of vice president of the mentioned company in the past and was involved in things such as artificial intelligence management, metaverse strategic planning and other projects. Now other things such as checking statistical data, making management decisions, risk assessment and improving the working environment have been added to the list of tasks of this artificial intelligence. For comparison, it can be mentioned that the use of such a tool will not incur any additional costs for the company, and employees can also access their boss at all hours and days of the week; While for such a position in large companies, high salaries are usually considered.

According to published reports, the appointment of artificial intelligence as the CEO of NetDragon Websoft has increased the value of the company’s shares in the Hong Kong market. However, it is not the first time that we will see the management and hiring of humans by artificial intelligence, because the researchers of the OpenAI Institute recently announced that the GPT-4 model was able to hire a freelancer to solve captcha.

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