A giant insect from the Jurassic period was accidentally found in America! + Photo

In 2012, an entomologist named Michael Squarella went to a Walmart store to buy some milk. But while entering the store, he noticed a big and unusual insect and picked it up and took it home with him. Years later, it was discovered that the creature was an insect of an ancient species that was first observed in the state of Arkansas.

Pennsylvania State University recently mentioned this unexpected discovery in a report. Squarella, who is the head of the insect detection laboratory at this university, says:Polystoechotes punctata which belongs to the Shaparki Baltorian group, is the first example of its kind in more than The last 50 years It has been identified in the east of North America and it is the first example of this species Date This is the state.”

In 2020, Squarella realized his initial misdiagnosis while displaying his personal collection of insects in one of his online classes. Then, he and his students were able to study this insect in more detail and finally published the results of his findings in the form of an article in the journal Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington.

The members of this insect family date back to the Jurassic era

In this project of method Molecular DNA analysis Squarella donated the insect to the Frost Museum of Entomology at Penn State University so that researchers and students could access it for further study.

Researchers say that Balthurian Shaparki dates back to approx 165 million years ago, that is, it reaches around the Jurassic era. However, scientists are not sure why these insects disappeared from eastern North America. The creature found in Arkansas has wingspans of approx 50 mm Is.

Squarella says the discovery of a giant lacewing in Arkansas could indicate high biodiversity and environmental changes in the area. Scientists speculate that this creature is a rare and little-known species of insect that has escaped the threat of extinction and remained hidden from experts over the years.

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