A look at Honda CG125 in India; How much does the original version of this nostalgic engine cost?

Honda CG125 is a lasting and attractive design in the world of motorcycles, whose history goes back to about 4 decades ago. Copies of this engine have been available in Iran for years and have a high share of the motorcycle market. However, a little further away in Southeast Asia, the original Honda CG125 is available, which costs only 40 million tomans, a figure that can compete with the price of Iranian-Chinese copies of this engine in our country.

The producers of this nostalgic engine have produced a special version of this engine with a blue and white design and black parts to reduce its age. This color combination has made the Indian-made Honda CG 125 look like a motorcycle from the 1950s.

The suspension system of Honda CG 125 is telescopic in front and double spring with cushion in the back. The engine frame is also made of light steel. Honda CG125 brakes are still cup type and the weight of this engine is about 113 kg.

CG125 engine specifications

The Honda CG125 engine is a single-cylinder type with a volume of 125 cc, which produces a maximum of 9.92 horsepower and 9.5 Nm of torque. This engine is now equipped with an electronic fuel injection system. Honda CG 125 travels about 55 kilometers per liter of gasoline and its fuel tank capacity is 8.2 liters. The front wheel of this engine has an 18-inch rim and the rear wheel has a 17-inch rim.

Honda CG125 is one of the simplest and cheapest motorcycles in the current world market. Its simplicity allows this engine to be easily repaired. The low price of Honda CG 125 has made many customers able to buy this car.

The interesting thing about Honda CG125 is that it is not available in India. In fact, until recently this cheap engine could not make its way to the Indian market. This engine is offered to the Indian market in the form of two types, standard and special. You can see the price and specifications of this engine in the table below:

Specifications and price table of Honda CG125 in the Indian market:

Model 2023
Engine volume 125 cc
Maximum power 9.92 horsepower
Emission standard BS6
Weight 113 kg
Available colors red and blue
The price of the standard version 74,000 rupees (40 million tomans)
Special edition price 77,000 rupees (42 million tomans)

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