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Haima 8S It is the third product of Haima brand Iran Khodro assembly duty It has taken over. With the start of mass production in the Khorasan factory and the arrival of this crossover in Tehran, The approximate price of Haima 8S has been determined unofficially. Based on this, it seems that Iran Khodro will sell the first series of 8S in the range of one billion and one hundred million Tomans, although the possibility of increasing this figure in the commodity exchange or increasing the price in the next stages of sales is not far from expected. .

New Haima under the hood 1.6 liter TGDI engine It is equipped that can 192 horse power And 293 Nm of torque to produce This force through 6-speed automatic transmission to the front wheel He enters and starts the car. gearbox Haima 8S of technology HPT (Hyundai Powertech) It uses and is a product of the Chinese company DAE. Haima 8S to The maximum speed is 180 km/h arrives and Zero to 100 acceleration It in ideal conditions approx 7.8 seconds Is. In this way, Iran Khodro’s new Haima can be considered one of the fastest crossovers in Iran.

Haima 8 S

Other specifications of Haima 8S assembly in the technical department include: McPherson suspension system on the front axle and multi-link suspension on the rear axle Cited. This car has 58 liter tank been and Combined hard consumption It is about every 100 km 7.2 liters has been announced

Heima 8S assembled to compete with other Chinese crossovers in the Iranian market Equipment and facilities Many are equipped. The specifications of Haima 8S assembly in the comfort and safety department include six 10-point airbags, electric parking brake, auto hold, intelligent emergency braking system, accident warning system, electric stability control system, automatic driving system between lanes, adaptive cruise control, motion control system. On the uphill, the motion control system on the downhill, 360-degree camera, blind spot radar, etc.

Haima 8S

Among the features inside the cabin are leather trim, electric seats for the front passengers with heating, integrated headrests for the front and rear seats, electric power steering, D-cut steering wheel, two-channel automatic air conditioning, digital front amp, touch screen, camera recording events during the day. Driving, LED technology of lights and lighting by turning the steering wheel, electric panoramic roof, etc.


Haima 8S in the Chinese market The price range is 11.3 to 18.9 thousand dollars It has a price, although the price of this car in the Iranian market is almost 1.65 to 2 times higher due to factors such as freight costs, customs duties, car manufacturer’s profit, taxes, etc. Therefore, according to the dollar rate, the supply of this car in the price range of 1 to 1.2 billion tomans can be quite logical, but on the other hand, considering the increase in the price of the older Haima S7 Turbocharger model in recent weeks and the pricing of other competitors of this In the automobile market, it can be assumed that the price of Haima 8S in the open market will reach 1.3 to 1.5 billion tomans and this model, like many other Iran Khodro products, will be subject to the caress of dealers in the automobile market.

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