A look at the specifications of the imported SEAT Ibiza car

Company Moin Motors as one of authorized importing companies, Is supposed 1500 Seat Ibiza cars send it to the Iranian market. This cargo From one of the peripheral countries of the Persian Gulf It has been purchased and enters the country by water. But what are the specifications of Seat Ibiza?

Imported Ibizas are not among the 2023 models, however Their price is less than 20 thousand euros and their specifications are also consistent with the rules mentioned in the car import regulations. this Spanish hatchback It has an attractive and youthful appearance and will undoubtedly be welcomed by Iranian buyers.

Seat Ibiza specifications

Seat Ibiza

Seat Ibiza specifications in the technical section include 1 liter turbocharged engine It is possible that it belongs to Volkswagen and was released in two different versions. In the gasoline and basic versions, the power and torque of the engine are 95 horsepower and 175 Nm, respectively arrives. More powerful engine can also 110 horsepower and 200 Nm of torque to produce Both engines to 7-speed automatic double-clutch transmission are connected, which applies power to the axles of the front wheels. It is not yet clear which of the imported SEATs will be available to Iranian buyers. In both versions, Zero to hundred acceleration This car in Duration 11 seconds it happens

It is not bad to know that the name of Moin Motors is tied to the Porsche logo and currently this private company is responsible for providing after-sales services for the few Porsches available in Iran. Before the international sanctions against Iran and the introduction of the car import ban law, Moin Motors had planned Various Seat brand cars to enter the country. With the imposition of sanctions, this company, like many importers, faced numerous crises and challenges. Now that the import ban has ended, Moin Motors has found a good opportunity to make more general products available to Iranian buyers.

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