A meteorite named Kakao! + Photo

Curiosity rover, meteorite on surface, NASA says Mars has identified thatcocoaIt is called “and it is made of iron and nickel.”

The Curiosity rover collides with this meteorite while passing through Mars. “Cocoa” is about 30.48 centimeters across, and Curiosity’s Mastcam will take 19 photos of it and send the images back to NASA scientists.


A meteorite named Kakao was seen on the surface of Mars

The corresponding meteorite, nicknamed Cocoa, is composed of iron and nickel, and its appearance also gives a picture of its constituents. It should be noted that Cacao was first observed by Curiosity on January 27. The next day, Curiosity repositioned itself to better image the meteorite.

This is not the first meteorite that Curiosity has sent information about. In 2014, the Curiosity rover detected an iron meteorite (known as Lebanon) that was about 128.12 cm in diameter, and in 2016 it encountered a golf ball-sized meteorite called Egg Rock at Mount Sharp.


Iron meteorites regularly appear on Earth and have attracted public attention throughout human history. Emperors of Japan and pharaohs had weapons made from iron meteorites.

The rover team tweeted that there is no way to determine when these meteorites formed. However, the newly discovered rock appears to have been on Mars for millions of years.

Curiosity arrived at Mars in August 2012 and has since explored various parts of the planet. It remains to be seen what will be the result of curiosity for the inhabitants of the earth.

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