A PlayStation 5 Pro is likely in the works for a 2024 launch

While the last day of the stop of development PlayStation 5 Pro It was reported, now a new report says that the device is apparently in the works and Sony wants to launch it late next year.

According to this new report, which was first shared by gaming website Insider Gaming, a major hardware version is currently in the works for the PlayStation 5, which will be released in late 2024. According to one of the sources, this device, which supports a removable disk drive, will apparently be the beginning of new PlayStation hardware in the future.

The possible difference between PlayStation 5 Pro and the original version

As for how the PlayStation 5 Pro differs from the original, there are no details yet. However, Mark Cerny, the chief hardware designer of PlayStation consoles, recently filed a new patent that shows Sony is looking to improve performance. Ray interception Console is itself

After the launch of the PlayStation 4 in 2013, Sony launched the PS4 Pro console in 2016. The console included a more powerful processor and graphics that provided support for 4K resolution with HDR for games. Also, this device had a bigger hard drive. Therefore, if Sony plans according to its old tradition, we will also see the introduction of the PS5 Pro console.

In this report, about PlayStation 6 It has also been said that the next generation of Sony’s console will not be released earlier than 2028.

In addition to working on the new console, Sony is also working on introducing new features and improvements to current PlayStation 5 models that will be delivered to users through system updates. The latest update for this device was released yesterday, which fixed some issues related to chatting through Discord. Also, the last major update of this device was made available to users earlier this month, where we saw support for Discord and VRR for 1440p resolution and more.

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