A stunning image of a plasma waterfall with a height of 8 times the height of the Earth on the Sun + photo

A stunning solar ‘waterfall’ on the surface Sun have seen. In fact, an astrophotographer named “Eduardo Schaberger Popo” has published a photo of the Sun, in which a wall of plasma With a height of about 100 thousand kilometers, it is leaving the surface of the star.

The structure you see in the image is called the polar ridge. Bumps on the Sun’s surface, usually giant tendrils of hot plasma, stretch out into space in a great arc. But when these bulges occur near the Sun’s poles, strong magnetic fields are formed that allow the plasma to move very quickly toward the Sun instead of exploding into space.

Plasma waterfall of the sun

Scientists have used the nickname “waterfall” to describe it, considering that the plasma in this wall moves back towards the sun. According to the Space.com report, its plasma is falling at an incredible speed of 36,000 kilometers per hour.

Due to the location of this prominence, NASA has compared them to the Northern Lights; Because they orbit around the poles at about 60-70 degrees latitude on the Sun. It is written in one of NASA’s posts:

“Instead of auroras, the Sun’s ovals are filled with dancing sheets of plasma.”

In the past months and approaching the time of the sun’s peak activity, interesting events have been recorded. About every decade, the Sun’s magnetic poles reverse, causing the region’s magnetic fields to collapse and explosions across the star. During that period, significant solar events are more likely to occur.

Scientists don’t just look at the sun to see these beautiful structures; Because solar events can be a great danger to our planet. Each of these large solar events can release waves of energy that travel from the Sun into space. Scientists have previously warned that if these so-called solar storms hit Earth and are not properly managed, they could damage power grids and other infrastructure.

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