Ability to run Crysis game by Chinese MTT S80 graphics card

Chinese MTT S80 graphics card has recently been claimed to be able to run Crysis.

Last year, the Chinese company Moore Threads unveiled its new graphics card called MTT S80, which is considered the first desktop graphics card capable of supporting the PCIe Gen5 interface. This card is available through hardware product sales centers in China and is not available outside of this country. Therefore, the provided details of its capabilities and capabilities remained limited and unconfirmed.

All in all, the MTT S80 is not a high-end GPU and should not be expected to compete with the latest GeForce and Radeon series. On the other hand, this is the first Chinese GPU that has made it possible to experience numerous video games. Therefore, it can be an interesting case to investigate.

The S80 has 4096 cores based on the MUSA architecture, which are native to Moore Threads. It also uses 16 GB of GDDR6 memory with PCIe Gen5 bus interface, which is not even available in the RTX 40/RX 7000 series. But as shown, this will not mean high performance of this GPU.

Moore Threads MTT S80 graphics card

This card officially supports DirectX9 and DirectX11 APIs, but the software it uses is still under development and, as Löschzwerg pointed out, it doesn’t even have some basic GPU technology features like tessellation. However, it seems that this GPU is capable of running DirectX11 based games with Feature Level 11_1.

Based on 3DMark benchmark results This card is much slower than The Intel Arc A770 performs similarly with a new architecture with 16GB of VRAM. Intel has not lost in this competition and it seems that the S80 is at least 35-64% slower than the A770.

But the famous question that arises in the field of GPU power is whether this GPU can run Crysis or not. The answer to this question is yes, but in D3D9 settings.

Working Moore Threads MTT S80 graphics card

The MTT development team is working hard to provide support for more games and more advanced technologies, but the process is very slow. Three months after the release of its latest graphics drivers, the S80 is still struggling with power consumption, and Löschzwerg has confirmed that it reaches 110 watts.

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