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Added new characters in the new Dead Cells update

Motion Twin Studios has released a new trailer for the latest update to Dead Cells, where we see the addition of popular protagonists from other indie games.

Dead Cells has just received a new update that brings in a number of playable characters. These characters have all come to Dead Cells from other famous independent games, and players can take control of them instead of the main character and fight against enemies.

Called Dead Cells: Everyone is Here Volume 2, the update is available now for PC players, and console players will get access to it in late November. Indeed, Dead Cells is currently available on Steam as part of the Anindie bundle, which includes indie titles.

Added characters to Dead Cells game

By watching the released trailer of the new Dead Cells update, we can get to know the characters that can replace The Beheaded.

In addition to the addition of these characters, a list of iconic weapons from indie games have also been made available, including the main character and Starfury sword from Terraria, the Jacket character and Baseball Bat weapon from Hotline Miami, the Shovel Knight character and the King’s Scepter from the Shovel Knight series. , The Ironclad character and Diverse Deck weapon from Slay The Spire game, Subject Zero character and Throwable Objects weapon from Katana Zero game, and finally The Commando character and Laser Glaive weapon from Risk of Rain game.

Each of these weapons has unique characteristics and powers and will give advantages to players. Also, new characters in the form of unlockable skins can be obtained by solving new puzzles found in the Prisoner’s Quarters guide. Completing these puzzles and completing the corresponding challenges will automatically unlock new characters.

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