After 21 years, the Windows XP activation algorithm has been completely cracked

Although Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP for years, many users still insist on using this operating system and now they can activate this version offline.

According to PCWorld, hackers have cracked the Windows XP activation system for a long time, but now it is possible to activate this popular Windows even when the activation servers of this operating system are no longer available. A tool made by hackers through reverse engineering Microsoft phone activation algorithm Works.

In an article published on the Windows XP subreddit, this application can not only perform Microsoft’s official activation process, but also Offline completes Use this app Free and after activating Windows, you can reset the operating system as many times as you want without any problems.

According to StatCounter statistics, Windows XP is currently available on 0.35% of computers in the world. But this statistic may not be very true, because systems like StatCounter only identify computers that connect to the Internet and go to sites where these companies’ statistics codes are located.

Therefore, the number of computers not connected to the Internet and using these old operating systems must probably be much higher. But why do these systems still use software like Windows XP? Many older software and hardware are only compatible with these operating systems. As a result, users continue to use these products by force and due to technical or financial limitations.

However, experts do not recommend users to use these old operating systems. These software can compromise the security of users and since they no longer receive software updates, they can be easily exploited.

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