AI chatbots are an example of the banality of evil

Although chatbots like ChatGPT can have useful applications in a variety of contexts, prominent linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky has argued in a note that the technology can never have pure, thoughtful, and argumentative conversations. In its current state, he considers artificial intelligence to be an example of the “vulgarity of evil”.

Noam Chomsky recently admitted in an article on the New York Times website that OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and Microsoft’s Sydney are amazing examples of machine learning technology. However, he believes that the lack of morality and rational thinking makes artificial intelligence an example of “evil banality” or indifference to reality and truth.

Chomsky says: “According to the science of linguistics and the philosophy of knowledge, we know that this [فناوری] It is profoundly different from the way humans reason and use language. These differences impose great limitations on the range of capabilities of these programs.”

This famous American thinker believes that this is the reason why artificial intelligence is stuck in the pre-human or non-human stage in the process of cognitive evolution: “True intelligence is displayed with the ability to think and produce improbable but wise behaviors.”

The ability to reason based on available information and reach new conclusions is one of the prominent features of the human brain. Rather than simply being able to identify relationships between meanings, Chomsky says, our brains have evolved to “create explanations.” Chomsky continues: “If ChatGPT is to be effective, it must be empowered to create original output, and if it is to be accepted by the majority of users, it must be free of any unethical content.”

Noam Chomsky: Fear of artificial intelligence hinders its progress

Noam Chomsky says that the fear of artificial intelligence running rampant will likely prevent the technology from ever being able to make rational decisions and comment on moral propositions. As a result, artificial intelligence may remain at the level of a toy.

The famous linguist continues: “ChatGPT represents something like the vulgarity of evil; This technology summarizes standard literary arguments into a kind of superpowerful auto-completion tool, refuses to take a position on various issues, relies not only on ignorance but on lack of intelligence, and ultimately claims Obedience to orders “It defends itself and leaves the responsibility of its behavior to its creators.”

Chomsky concludes, “ChatGPT has been crudely limited by its programmers to make no original contributions to controversial but important conversations because of its lack of capacity to argue for its own moral principles. “This program has sacrificed creativity as a form of immorality.”

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