Airbus unveils LOOP as a space station with artificial gravity

The aerospace company Airbus has unveiled a new concept called LOOP, which apparently wants to implement the idea of ​​generating artificial gravity in space. This space station can host 8 astronauts and be launched into space in the early 2030s.

Airbus in a press release about the design of a new space station named LOOP Unveiled a multipurpose module 8 meters Can be customized with three decks. All three decks will be connected by a tunnel that will host a space greenhouse.

The Loop is designed to be portable with SpaceX’s Starship launch system and other heavy-duty rockets. One of the key features of this station is to include a deck with a centrifuge mechanism that produces Artificial gravity makes it possible In this way, the astronauts can stay away from the suspended state of space in this deck and not face the problems caused by being in weightless conditions for a long time.

Airbus LOOP will have a bigger interior

The loop will also have a deck for astronauts, a deck for scientific experiments and a greenhouse. Airbus says their space station compared to similar models, Larger indoor environment provides to the astronauts.

“Airbus Loop is designed to make long-term space stays comfortable and enjoyable for its occupants, while enabling efficient and sustainable operations in space,” Airbus said in a statement. “This station will build on everything we have learned over the decades and will fully utilize the potential of future technologies to support humanity’s future in space.”

Airbus says the Loop can up to Early 2030s ready to launch It is predicted that around this time we will face the end of the International Space Station (ISS). In a situation where China has built its own space station, NASA is looking for various options to replace the ISS, and Loop can be one of these options.

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