Almost 95% of Final Fantasy XVI development work is done

The producer of Final Fantasy XVI explained in a recent interview that the development of this game is almost finished and the exact release date of the game will probably be announced by the end of this year.

Naoki YoshidaDuring an interview with Famitsu magazine, the producer of Final Fantasy 16 talked about the development process of this highly anticipated Japanese role-playing game and the announcement of its release date. He said the development process of this game is approx 95% is completed. Also, when he was asked if a more precise release date than “summer 2023” will be announced, he said:

“We are going to inform again this year [بیشتری] publish So I think we can then [زمان عرضه را] let’s say I don’t think it will be after the summer. Therefore, it is not a problem.”

Cleo, the main character of Final Fantasy 16

As mentioned, the development process of the game is almost finished and the development team is working on the experience of Final Fantasy XVI every day and making improvements in different areas. Yoshida continues, “However, the scale of the game is large; So debugging will take a long time. “Almost all programmers are working on code to fix bugs.”

Yoshida said earlier during the Tokyo Game Show 2022 that this work is nearing the end of the development stages and his new words are consistent with his previous words. Final Fantasy XVI is in development for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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