Amazon unveiled Bedrock cloud artificial intelligence service

Amazon from a new API titled Bedrock For its Web Services (AWS), it has unveiled that it allows developers to use artificial intelligence tools that generate text or images. In fact, from this API as an alternative Cloudy and adjustable for ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 models that businesses and developers can use.

Amazon Web Services customers can use Bedrock to write, build chatbots, summarize text, classify images, and more based on their text requests. Also, in Bedrock, the company offers its users the option of choosing the basic Amazon Titan (FM) model and several new models, including Claude (a Google-backed competitor to ChatGPT built by former OpenAI employees), Jurassic-2 (a language model specializing in Spanish, provides French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch) and Stable Diffusion (a popular open source image generator).


In addition, businesses and developers can customize how the models behave based on their input, which Amazon says will not be used to train the models, according to CNBC. This feature could, in theory, alleviate privacy concerns for companies handling sensitive data.

As a way to offer flexibility to its customers, Amazon has offered a range of AI models to its customers. The official description of this company states:

“With Bedrock’s serverless experience, you can get up and running quickly, customize FMs privately with your own data, and easily integrate them into your applications using AWS tools and capabilities you’re familiar with, without the need to manage infrastructure. do.”

Amazon CEO comments on Bedrock artificial intelligence

CEO of Amazon

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy told CNBC:

“Most companies want to use these big language models, but developing and training really good models takes billions of dollars and years of time, and most companies don’t want to go that route. “So they like to use a foundational model that’s already big and super customizable, and that’s what Bedrock will do.”

According to Amazon,, Pegasystems and Accenture are among the first businesses that have announced their readiness to test Bedrock. The company has not yet announced the price of its cloud artificial intelligence tool and currently it can only be accessed through the waiting list.

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