Amdad Khodro Arin Pars Motor entered the roads

Arin Motor Company, which used Mitsubishi Lancer for rescue services during the time of importing cars to the country, has now unveiled Lamari Ima Emdad Khodro. The appearance of Lamari Ima rescue vehicle is designed similar to the main product, and advanced 3D modeling is used in the design of the interior equipment of the cabin. This company plans to distribute 32 Lamari service cars across the country among its agents. Therefore, each representative of this collection will have one or two mobile rescue vehicles to use to provide assistance to customers.

Lamarie Ima Servis

Lamari equipment of Ima Emdad Car

Among the interesting points in the design of Ima Emdad Khodro produced by Arin Pars Motor, we can mention the deer horn symbol in the side view, the colors under the front and rear bumpers, and the orange warning lights without siren and speaker. In order to install technical service equipment and increase their durability in this product, first a 3D model of the car cabin was prepared and the interior design was done according to the car map based on that model.

Lamari emergency vehicles will soon be equipped with quick service and on-site service. These cars will be equipped with complete facilities in order to provide complete services to customers. These facilities are such as jump start, water tank, jack, all kinds of wrenches and light tools, puncture repair kit, warning signs and other tools necessary for emergency service.

Arin Pars Motor Company has produced and marketed more than 3,800 Lamari Ima machines in 1402. EAMA Lamari was one of the most popular and best-selling cars in the Iranian market during 1401. This car achieved significant success in the Iranian market due to its attractive appearance, powerful technical specifications, and economical price compared to its competitors.

Lamari Ima Emdad Khodro

Lamari Ima crossover is equipped with a 1.5 liter turbo GDI engine. This engine provides 195 horsepower and 285 Nm torque. The power in this crossover is transmitted to the front wheels by a double-clutch gearbox.

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