America tested a new series of Valkyrie drones with a range of 5,600 km

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and Defense and Security Solutions Company Kratos jointly launched the second series of unmanned aerial vehicles last week. Valkyrie XQ-58A tested at the Yuma Test Base in Arizona.

According to a press release, Kratos’ second series of drones has just passed its first test. This test showed that Valkyrie can for Longer and with a heavier load to fly Although the exact details of this test have not been published yet, we know that the level of criteria has been increased compared to previous tests.

Kratos from this series 12 drones The drone that performed this test was the first product of the second series. Engineers have been able to test the aircraft’s radio communication equipment for long distance missions and other operations in this flight.

Valkyrie XQ-58A drone

Valkyrie drone can fly even without communication

This test showed that the XQ-58A Valkyrie drone in the face Log-out It can bring itself to a landing point and land there automatically. Communication-free flight also means that the Valkyrie can return to its strategic point without being tracked by hostile forces.

Steve Fendley, director of the Kratos Unmanned Systems Unit, says that the best way to use drones and win on the battlefield is to use them in groups. This company has now focused on cheap and disruptive solutions.

The XQ-58A drone is a subsonic aircraft with a high flight range. This product in the first generation could load approx 544 kg to carry and every hour 882 km go ahead The range of the Valkyrie is probably approx 5600 km Is. This drone was already tested in 2019 and 2021 and showed that it can even drop its cargo in mid-air.

This device can also be used to escort advanced fighters of the US Air Force that carry weapons or spy systems and operate in groups.

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