Amsterdam’s underwater parking lot with a capacity of 7000 bicycles was opened + photo

The future of the world may one day be flying cars and jetpacks, but today in 2023, the Netherlands has opened a huge underwater parking lot in the city of Amsterdam that can accommodate 6300 personal bicycles and 700 shared bicycles has the The capacity of this parking lot will be increased in February with the opening of the second parking lot 11 thousand bicycles reach

According to the Verge, Amsterdam has just opened a giant parking lot that took four years and $65 million to build. This country apparently has more bicycles than people, and only in Amsterdam every day approx 35% of citizens They use bicycles.

Estimates show that around 200,000 people come to Amsterdam Central Station by bus, train, subway or boat every day, and half of them choose bicycles for transportation. Until now, most of these bicycles were parked in different places around this station, but now this parking lot is supposed to host them.

How much does it cost to use Amsterdam bicycle parking?

Using this 24/7 parking lot for First 24 hours free and then this collection for each day of maintenance of each bike $1.46 Charges. Amsterdam’s new underground parking is amazing and looks like something out of a science fiction movie.

As we said, part of the parking capacity is allocated to shared bicycles that citizens can use. Meredith Glaser, executive director of the Amsterdam City Bicycle Institute, says: “To reduce dependence on cars, you need a high-capacity, efficient and accessible public transport system in addition to bicycles.”

The Netherlands is now moving towards a future where cars play a very small role. This country has focused on the use of bicycles and public transportation and intends to keep the appearance of its cities beautiful in this regard. It should be said that the city Utrecht It is another big city of this country where 50% of its citizens use bicycles on a daily basis.

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