Android 14; Features that improve phone performance

in the event Google I/O This year, unlike previous years, Google focused a lot on Android 14 It didn’t have, however, the new version of Android with the benefit of Artificial intelligence has entered a new level; Of course, the latest version of the Google mobile operating system with the code ““upside down cake” (upside down cake) has been introduced, it has more minor changes compared to the previous version; But these small changes can improve the performance of your phone. In the following, we describe 16 of these minor changes made in Android 14 that can improve the performance of your phone. The final and official version of Android will probably be released in the fall season.

Remove the need to enter a password

Google has already made it possible to use Passkeys to enter some Android applications, but it is still not possible for users to enter some applications in this way. In Android 14, you can log into the application account using the phone’s fingerprint sensor.

Android 14

In this version of Android, there is a new Credential Manager (an application for managing passwords) that you can use to store multiple passwords and passwords in each application; Of course, many applications accept passwords at a very high speed; But many password management apps and sign-on services (services that allow logging into multiple apps with a single account) will add them to apps faster. According to Google, 1Password, Dashlane, Keeper, and OKta applications will be available when the latest Android version is released.

Stop third-party applications from sharing information without the user’s knowledge

Even if an application is perfect in terms of security, it still bypasses you and sells your information to advertisers, brokers, and even worse, to other anonymous people and organizations. In Android 14, an attempt has been made to end this big problem, and when the application or applications change the method of sharing their information, this matter is notified to the user every month by sending a notification. This positive action by Google is one of the effective ways to increase Android security. In the image below, you can see an example of the said notification.

Stop third-party apps from sharing information without the user's knowledge in Android 14

Also, when an application asks you for permission to share your location, the operating system will display a button containing the message “this app stated it may share location data with third parties”. (share) warns you about the possibility of sharing your information with third parties. The user can see more information about this topic by touching this button.

Sharing application information in Android 14

Remove full-screen priority notifications

Google has decided that it is no longer necessary for developers to create very important and priority full-screen notifications, and in Android 14 and its future versions, only notifications for calls and alarms will be displayed in full screen.

Notification with camera flash

If you usually don’t notice notifications or you don’t notice some important notifications due to inattention, you can enable the flash of the camera and display when you receive a notification.

Also, if you listen to loud music for a long time, Android will warn you with an application about the possibility of hearing damage due to long-term listening to loud music. If you want, you can lower the volume of the music by touching the Lower volume option.

Notification in Android 14

Customize the lock screen with different clock designs

If you are interested in customizing the appearance of different parts of the phone, we will welcome this feature.

Lock screen customization in Android 14

Google has created a series of AI-generated wallpapers for Pixel phones that will be released before the official release of Android 14.

Create animation for Predictive Back feature

by using Predictive feature Back At Android 13 You can go back by swiping backwards (from right to left) on an app without touching the back navigation button. In Android 14, this feature has become more attractive and when you swipe on an application from the right to the left, before your finger reaches the left part of the screen and the swipe is completed, the screen of the application you are swiping on will shrink and a part of the screen that you are swiping on will shrink. You are about to return to it, it will be displayed.

For example, if before If you have activated predictive back and entered the call application from the home screen, when you swipe from right to left in this application, when your fingers reach the middle of the screen, the call application screen will shrink and you will see a part of the home screen. .

Health Connect application

This application, which replaced the Google fit application, has made it possible to share the information of health applications with the phone and vice versa. According to Google, this application has become a part of the operating system in Android 14 and will receive its updates from the Google Play update system without the need for a separate download.

Health Connect application on Android 14

Google has announced that Google fit application programming interface will be usable only until 2024.

Enabling sound separation for playback with phone speakers or gadgets

In Android 14, it will no longer be a problem to transfer the sound that is being played to the speaker of the phone or hands-free or headphones or Bluetooth speakers, and you can easily view the special settings for transferring the sound that is being played and choose which sounds from your speaker with a swipe from the home screen. the phone and which sounds to play from the audio playback gadgets.

Making it possible to separate the sound for playing with the phone speaker or sound playing gadgets in Android 14

Better management of running activities in the background of the operating system

Google realized that some activities running in the background of the operating system continue for a long time without need, and to solve this problem, it must find an effective solution. For this reason, Android 14 has created a new application programming relationship and thanks to that, the data transfer process has become smarter.

By creating this interface, activities running in the background such as song playback, audio recording, and navigation will continue only until they are either successfully completed, rescheduled, or an Internet connection is established. Activities that require an Internet connection will stop when the connection is interrupted and continue again after the Internet is connected.

Manage background activities in Android 14

Increase text size

In Android 14, it is possible to increase the size (font) of texts up to 200%.

Increasing the size of texts in Android 14

It is possible to choose preferences based on the area of ​​residence

If you live in a country or region where, for example, Celsius is used instead of Fahrenheit, or the first day of the week is Saturday instead of Monday, or a certain set of numbers is used, or your country’s language is gender-specific, the latest version of Android allows you to choose three of your preferences. specify Android version 2023 has also provided a functional programming interface that can be used to change the grammatical role of words; So localized or translated apps can address people without offending them.

Making it possible to choose preferences based on the area of ​​residence

Ability to listen to uncompressed audio files with USB headphones without losing calls

Listening to uncompressed (Lossless) audio files with USB headphones was already possible on Android; But when using USB headphones, the audio control of the phone was entrusted to them, and the ringing or alarm sound of the phone was not played; But in Android 14, this problem has been solved and standard application programming interfaces have been created to play lossless and high res audio files without losing calls.

Improved keyboard, touchpad and digital pen

According to the information heard in one of the developer meetings, in the latest version of Android, the ability to automatically configure the layout for the keyboard has been created, the ability to recognize motion gestures for the touchpad has been improved, and the ability to predict the movement of the digital pen has also been improved.

Developer Meshaal Rahman has also mentioned some of these features in a beta version of Android 14 on the XDA Developers forum.

Support for HDR 10bit or Ultra HDR format

Thanks to the support of this format, users of phones from HDR 10 bit They can take photos with the phone camera in this format. this HDR format which enables more information from the phone’s camera sensor, leading to more vivid colors and better contrast.

Support for HDR 10bit or Ultra HDR format

Ultra HDR has very good backward compatibility with JPEG images and provides users with unrestricted interaction with HDR images in image editing applications; Of course, only phones whose screens have the necessary brightness to display HDR 10bit images can display these images as they should.

Creating new features for the camera

One of these features In-sensor zoom feature To improve the performance of the phone to take zoomed images and take better advantage of the capabilities of the sensor in this field. With this feature, you can capture a cropped image in RAW format with the same number of pixels as the pixels of the full photo, so that the quality of the zoomed image is completely preserved.

  In-sensor zoom feature in Android 14

camera extensions Another new feature is that it enables longer processing of images to improve their quality using heavy processing algorithms such as algorithms designed to improve the quality of images taken in low light.

Application programming relationship Document Scanneris another new feature created for the camera in Android 14, which will be released in the last four months of this year, and enables the conversion of receipts and physical and paper texts into digital samples.

Making the Share button more useful

In Android 14, when you tap this button, a built-in sharing menu called shresheet It appears to give you more options for file sharing, and with it you can share your file across more apps.

Sharesheet menu in Android 14

Using this feature, you can also create new sharing options and customize this feature to your liking; For example, with this feature, you can send a web page to your other devices in Google Chrome.

Other possible features in the final version of Android 14

Other possible features in the final version of Android 14 are as follows:

  • The ability to turn the phone into a webcam for the computer
  • The possibility of using the function of recording video from the screen only for one application (if using this function, only the images of one application will be recorded and everything displayed on the screen will not be recorded)
  • Hide PINs to prevent people close to you from seeing them, as well as auto-verify for faster PIN login
  • Built-in tool to remove pre-installed applications (bloatware applications)
  • Fast automatic access to loyalty cards in Google Play Store

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