Android bug incorrectly shows unauthorized use of the microphone by WhatsApp

Google and WhatsApp have confirmed that the WhatsApp bug that provided unnecessary access to Microphone Some Android devices are aware. This problem was first noticed a few months ago, but now an Iranian engineer has raised this issue again and faced Elon Musk’s reaction. This issue has drawn more serious attention to this problem.

One of the Iranian engineers of Twitter named “Fawad Dabiri” in a tweet He announced that when he was sleeping, the WhatsApp application without his knowledge He used the microphone of his mobile phone. He also shared an image of the problem in his tweet, which shows that WhatsApp used the microphone several times in the morning hours.

The picture published in Fawad Waziri’s tweet

Elon Musk in Response According to Fawad Dabiri, he wrote: “Whatsapp is not reliable” He had previously announced that he is a fan of Signal messenger and it is not surprising that he does not have a positive opinion about this messenger owned by Meta.

What do WhatsApp and Google say?

In response to this, Whatsapp At Statement announced on Twitter that this problem is related to Android and has nothing to do with their messenger: “We believe this problem Android bug is wrongly showing this information in the Privacy Dashboard and we have asked Google to investigate this problem and take corrective measures.”

Google He hasn’t released much information about the cause of the error yet, but he has confirmed that he is looking into the issue. The spokesperson of this company says: “We are aware of this issue and we are investigating it in close cooperation with WhatsApp.”

About a month ago, the WABetaInfo website reported the bug and claimed that this “false positive” had occurred for some users of Google Pixel phones and Samsung Galaxy products. Currently, it is not clear when this problem will be solved.

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