Animated emojis are likely to be added to WhatsApp soon

Whatsapp It is considered among the best messaging apps in the world that offers its users excellent security features and different ways to communicate with each other. Now Meta apparently plans to improve other features of its messenger, as the company is said to be developing Animated emojis It is for WhatsApp.

The website WABetaInfo, which covers all the news related to the program, in its new report based on the new beta version of WhatsApp for desktop, claims that the company is working on animated emojis, which are likely to debut in future updates. will put

How to display animated emojis in WhatsApp

WABetaInfo has also provided a small screenshot of how to display the animated emoji in WhatsApp. Currently, animated emojis will apparently be sent by default and users won’t have any control over it. In this report, it is also said that Meta will use the Lottie format to develop these emojis.

While this feature has been around for a long time and many competing messaging apps like Telegram have offered animated emojis to their users, WhatsApp has been very slow in developing them. Although this feature makes a small difference to the overall messenger experience, if WhatsApp implements it correctly, it can have a huge impact on how users communicate with each other.

Finally, WABetaInfo explains that the feature is likely to come in future updates to the WhatsApp desktop beta version, and will also be available for Android and iOS users. However, for now we have to wait for more reports and news as WhatsApp has not officially mentioned it yet.

In the past few days, various reports have been published about the future capabilities of this platform. In one of them, it was said that WhatsApp will be equipped with the ability to write descriptions for forwarded files, and another report mentioned the new security features of this platform.

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