Announcing the end of the Project CARS series by EA

EA announced that the era of further development and investment in the Project CARS series is over.

In the latest game news, Electronic Arts has confirmed that the Project Cars racing series has come to an end and the staff of Slightly Mad studio will be transferred to other EA Sports and racing studios if possible. Codemasters acquired Slightly Mad Studios for $30 million in November 2019, and as part of the deal, it also acquired the rights to the Project Cars IP. However, two years later, EA acquired all the rights and games of Codemasters, including the Project Cars series.

EA continued to explain about the end of the Project Cars series: “After evaluating the next version of Project Cars and its long-term growth potential, we have decided to stop the production process and further investment in this series. Decisions like these are tough, but they allow us to focus on the areas we believe have the best chance of creating experiences that fans will love.

Car competition in Project CARS 3 game

We focus on our strengths in the racing series, with a particular preference for licensed and open-world IPs. We empower our franchisees to lead a growing community of global audiences with the long-term live services they receive. Games are at the heart of sports and racing entertainment, and as fan expectations change, we recognize the need to evolve our work beyond just a game and provide experiences for fans to watch, create and interact with. Connect with your friends.

We are working with everyone affected by this decision to move them into their appropriate roles at EA Sports Racing Studios. or other departments EA, wherever we can. Our priority right now is to support our employees as much as possible through this transition.”

Car competition in Project CARS 3 game

The first version of the Project Cars series was released in 2015 and received critical acclaim for its efforts to provide a realistic driving experience. Next, Project Cars 2 was released in 2017 and with 140 tracks in 60 places in the world and 189 cars, it was able to gain the satisfaction of critics and players.

However, after the release of the third version in 2020, the feedback was not as bright as the first two versions of the series. Some believed that the creators of this series have moved away from the roots to provide a more arcade experience than before, and the gameplay challenge has decreased significantly. Also, the digital versions of the first two versions of Project Cars were discontinued in the months of October and September this year due to the expiration date of the contract for cars and tracks.

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