Another version of the Antonov Mriya, the world’s largest aircraft, is being built

The war between Russia and Ukraine has damaged many buildings and structures, and of course, the world’s largest aircraft, the Antonov An-225 Mriya, made in Ukraine, has been destroyed. Now, Antonov Company has announced that the design of the second generation of this cargo plane has begun.

The state-owned company Antonov of Ukraine announced in a statement on its Facebook page that the production of the second An-225, known as “Maria» and the cost of this project At least $500 million will be. Of course, this company says that this number may continue to increase; Because they are still in the early stages of work and more information about this will be announced after the end of the Russian war.

Current Antonov Mriya parts will be carried over to the next version

It is not yet clear where the budget for the construction of this plane will come from, but it was said earlier Virgin Airways It is owned by Richard Branson and financed. Antonov’s parent company, Ukroboronprom, had initially estimated that repairing the Maria would take more than five years and cost $3 billion. Further, more advanced investigations showed that approx 30 percent The parts of this plane can be used to make a new version of it.

“Dmytro Kulba”, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine a tweet Sharing the image above, he wrote: “This was the largest aircraft in the world, the AN-225 “Maria” (or “Dream” in Ukrainian). Maybe Russia has destroyed our esophagus. But it can never destroy our dream of becoming a strong, free and democratic European country. We will win!”

Antonov Meria, whose wingspan is 88 meters Arrived, first flew on December 21, 1988. The maximum weight of this plane at the time of flight could be 640 tons. This plane had the longest wingspan in its time, but now the Roc plane is practically the world’s largest plane in terms of wingspan, with a wingspan of 117 meters.

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