Apollo-10 was launched into space

May 18, 1969 Apollo-10 As a test vessel Apollo-11 It was launched to land on the moon.

The mission was carried out like a real moon landing mission, except for the part where the lander touches the lunar surface.


Apollo-10 with three passengers, Thomas Stafford, John Young And Eugene Cernan He went to space.
The commander was Tom Stafford. Eugene Cernan’s lunar module, aka snoopy It was known and nicknamed John Young Command Module Charlie Brown led the They are from the Kennedy Space Center with rockets Saturn-5 were thrown

The Apollo 10 mission had many risks: launch, reaching Earth orbit, three-day journey from Earth to the Moon, separation from lunar orbit, Snoopy landing almost on the surface of the Moon, re-ascent and reaching lunar orbit, three days later returning to Earth. and landing in the Pacific Ocean.

A view of the lunar module from the window of the Apollo-10 spacecraft

On the first day, they made the first live color television broadcast from space. On the fourth day, just as Stafford and Cernan were preparing to land on the surface of the moon, the order was delivered to them: “Do not land on the moon.”

Landing on the surface of the moon was very tempting and they were eager to land. But Snoopy’s lander fuel was not enough to land and climb again.

Travel to the surface of the moon

Although Apollo 10 did not land on the moon, it paved the way for Apollo 11. Two months after this mission, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong successfully walked on the moon.

Astronauts return to Earth and land in the Atlantic Ocean

Apollo 11 performed exactly the same as Apollo 10, except that they also landed on the moon.

The command module of this ship is on display at the Science Museum in London, and its lunar module is orbiting the sun in a heliocentric orbit.

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