Apparently, LG Display has taken over the supply of the old panel of the iPhone 14 Pro

Apparently, according to a report published by market sources LG Display Since October, it has entered the iPhone 14 Pro model panel supply chain alongside Samsung.

Samsung Display panels from about two years ago OLED LTPO provides for Apple iPhone. With the addition of LG Display to the supply chain, the volume of orders from Apple to Samsung Display for such panels will undoubtedly decrease.

Along with Samsung, LG Display supplies the old iPhone 14 Pro panels

Samsung is in charge of supplying old panels for iPhone 14 Pro models. Now it seems that a competitor has entered the field for the Koreans in the Old Panel supply chain. Informed sources say that Apple has entrusted the provision of a part of the old panels of premium models to LG Display.


According to the information shared by the knowledgeable sources of the market, it is expected that LG Display, an old partner of Apple, will be added to the iPhone 14 Pro supply chain and will be responsible for the supply of LPTO TFT OLED panels.

According to ETNews, LG Display has started supplying panels since the end of October. Previously, LG Display was supposed to take over a part of the supply chain for the iPhone 14 Pro models, but the delay in their initial production caused it to be left out of the program. Now Apple has apparently confirmed the entry of LG Display into the supply chain of the old panel of the iPhone 14 Pro models.

This is the first time LG has supplied LTPO OLED display panels for Apple products. Although this technology was first used in iPhone 13 Pro Was introduced. The production process of such panels is apparently complicated, and for this reason, LG Display has to go through a difficult path to meet Apple’s standards.

With the new changes, LG Display will produce displays for two iPhone models, and Samsung Display will be responsible for providing displays for all four iPhone 14 models. Also, BOE will continue to offer iPhone 14.

Apparently, according to published reports LG Display It won’t just focus on supplying the old iPhone 14 Pro panel and seems to be developing foldable displays for future generations of iPhones. The company is also working on the development of microOLED displays for Apple’s AR headset and supplying the old iPad display.

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