Apple announced its schedule for the first day of the WWDC 2023 conference

Apple, which had announced in April, the WWDC 2023 developer conference on June 5 (June 15(will begin and end on June 9)June 19) continues, has now announced its plans for it.

According to the program provided by Apple, the technology giant will start its keynote speech on June 5 at 20:30 Iran time, and we expect the company to include iOS 17, macOS 14 and watchOS 10 operating systems during its keynote speech. to unveil its long-awaited mixed reality headset, 15-inch MacBook Air and more.

Apple’s keynote will then be followed by the State of the Union Platforms at 00:00 AM Iran time. This section, which the tech giant has prepared for developers, will focus on new tools and technologies coming to Apple platforms.

Apple’s schedule for the WWDC 2023 conference

The full schedule for the opening day of the WWDC 2023 conference is as follows:

Apple’s keynote speech, June 5 (15 June), at 20:30 (Iran time):

“The biggest and most exciting WWDC23 to date will kick off with a first look at the exciting updates coming to Apple platforms later this year. The keynote will be available via, the Apple Developer Program, the Apple TV App, and YouTube, and will be available for viewing anytime after the conclusion.”

Platforms State of the Union, June 5, 00:00 (June 16 Iran time):

“Developers will learn how they can take their apps to the next level by taking a deeper look at the new tools, technologies and developments across Apple’s platforms. State of the Union platforms will be streamed through the Apple Developer app and website.”

Apple Design Awards, June 5, 05:00 am (June 16 Iran time):

“With its Design Awards, Apple recognizes and celebrates the artistry, creativity and technical expertise of its developer community. This year’s Apple Design Award winners will be announced through the Apple Developer app and website.

WWDC 2023 will primarily be an online event, with 175 videos available on the Apple Developer website and app, which can be watched for free. There will also be an in-person segment where some random developers and social media personalities will have the chance to watch the keynote at Apple Park on June 5, as well as the opportunity to interact with some of the Apple teams. to have

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