Apple banned the use of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence platforms by its employees

Yesterday, OpenAI unveiled the official ChatGPT application for iOS, which can respond to user requests with the help of artificial intelligence and solve the simplest to the most complex problems. However, Apple By sending an internal memo, use of ChatGPT and other tools Artificial intelligence by your employees Prohibited has done.

The Wall Street Journal notes that Apple raised concerns in its document that AI platforms could Confidential data Collect employees. In addition to ChatGPT, the iPhone giant also uses the model Copilot which is owned by Microsoft and is designed to simplify the coding process.

Apple’s concerns about ChatGPT


ChatGPT sends data about its users to developers so that they can continue to improve the AI ​​model used by the platform. As the WSJ reported in its report, a bug was discovered in ChatGPT in March that allowed users to view the chat history of other users. It was after this incident that ChatGPT was equipped with a feature to prevent chat history from being saved.

According to these reports, Apple is concerned that if its employees use such platforms, they may expose the company’s information to other people or even the developers of these applications.

But Apple is not the only company that has banned the use of ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence for its employees. Financial services firm JPMorgan Chase and telecom giant Verizon have also restricted the use of such platforms. The Wall Street Journal’s sources also reported that Amazon asked its engineers to use its own in-house artificial intelligence tools instead of those from other companies.

In this regard, investment firm Team8 recently said that the use of artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT could put corporate secrets at risk.

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