Apple faced a new lawsuit due to the collection of user information

Apple to the charge Data collection iPhone users have faced class action lawsuits even when the company’s privacy settings promised not to. A few days ago, a report said that several iPhone apps were sending user information to Apple regardless of whether the iPhone Analytics privacy setting was turned on or off.

According to Gizmodo, the problem was reported by two independent researchers at software company Mysk, who discovered that Apple’s App Store was sending the company comprehensive information about almost everything users do in the app. This apparently happens even when the iPhone Analytics privacy settings claim to “disable Device Analytics sharing altogether.”

Gizmodo then asked the researchers to run more tests on other iPhone apps, such as Apple Music and Apple TV, and they found that the problem was present in most of the iPhone’s built-in apps, except for things like Health and Wallet.

In the lawsuit, Apple is accused of violating the California Invasion of Privacy Act. The plaintiff in the case, Eliot Liebman, says:

“Privacy is one of the main issues that Apple uses to differentiate its products from the competition. But Apple’s privacy commitments are downright misleading. The company has put up many billboards across the country promoting iPhone privacy.”

Information collected by Apple

The Mysk researchers explain that the App Store collects information about users’ real-time activity, including what they tap, which apps they search for, what ads they see, and how long they’ve been looking at an app’s page. The Mysk tests also show that Apple identifies this type of data along with other details such as the identification number, type of phone being used, screen resolution, keyboard languages, and internet connection method.

This report is published as Apple plans to expand its activities in the field of digital advertising. The tech giant recently started showing ads in new places in the App Store and plans to add them to Apple TV as well.

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