Apple has conquered the list of 10 best-selling phones of 2022

Apple is the most valuable technology company in the world and still produces the best selling phones in the market. Research has shown that various iPhone models in 2022 Eight positions They have taken over the list of 10 best-selling phones in the world market.

The iPhone has always been one of the most popular phones on the market, and its various models are at the top of the best-selling list. Now, the report of the research company Counterpoint Research shows that Apple has produced the best-selling phones in the market in 2022.

In the list of 10 best-selling phones of 2022, iPhone 13 It is at the top with a market share of 5%, followed by names iPhone 13 Pro Max with a share of 2.6 percent and iPhone 14 Pro Max It is seen with a share of 1.7%.

List of 10 best selling phones in 2022

The heavy dominance of Apple phones over Samsung

By passing the first three positions, the name of a Samsung product can be seen, which, of course, is not a high-end phone, but Galaxy A13 It is one of the low-end products of this company. This phone has only 1.6% of the global market share.

In the fourth category, there is another product from Apple, iPhone 13 Pro with a 1.6% share, followed by iPhone 12 with a 1.5% share, iPhone 14 with a 1.4% share, iPhone 14 Pro with a 1.2% share, and iPhone SE 2022 with a 1.1% share. have. At the end of this list is another phone from Samsung Galaxy A03 It can be seen that it is an economical phone.

Counterpoint’s report shows that the sales of iPhone 13 have been very bright and this phone has been sold in the space of months. January to August has held the first position. This phone has moved to the second place and then to the fourth place only after the introduction of the iPhone 14 series.

Another interesting point of this attendance report iPhone 14 It was in the first place in the list of best-selling phones in December. In its 2023 forecast, Counterpoint says: “We believe that the share of the top 10 best-selling phones will increase in 2023; Because brands will focus on clearing warehouses and optimizing product supply.

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