Apple has increased the production of iPhone 14 in India due to the recent quarantine in China

“Ming-Chi Kuo”, a well-known analyst of Apple products, claimed that Foxconn As one of the producers of the Cupertino giant, it plans to produce products related to the iPhone India increase Quarantines caused by the Corona virus in China have been cited as one of the most important reasons for such a decision.

The latest outbreak of the corona virus was recently reported in China, which caused the closure and quarantine of many cities such as Wuhan. It was predicted that this would cause a 30% reduction in Foxconn’s iPhone production. Now, who In his latest tweet It says its latest information from supply chain sources indicates that Foxconn plans to counter the impact by shifting production away from China.

Ku goes on to point out that the iPhones to be manufactured by Foxconn in India in 2023 will have at least 150 percent will grow

Apple’s “long-term/medium-term goal is to source 40-45% of iPhones from India” (vs. 2-4% currently), Kuo claims, which would lead to Foxconn’s rapid ramp-up in India over the “next few years”. Refers.

At the same time as China’s quarantine, Foxconn is also seeing workers flee its Zhengzhou factory due to poor conditions. The company has postponed seasonal layoffs and quadrupled retention bonuses.

Pegatron; Second iPhone 14 assembler in India

In addition, Bloomberg in a new report, from the company Pegatron Taiwan-based Pegatron has been named as the second manufacturer to start manufacturing the iPhone 14 for Apple in India.

In the past, Apple starts manufacturing iPhones in India a year or so after launching a model. However, Foxconn has started production of the iPhone 14 in the same month as the official launch (and before the launch of the iPhone 14 Plus) in India. Now, only a month after the release of the phones, Apple has also engaged Pegatron to assemble the iPhone 14 in India to reduce its reliance on China.

According to Bloomberg, Pegatron’s new plant in India, located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, employs more than 7,000 people and previously produced the iPhone 12 this year.

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