Apple is looking for a way to change the color of the Apple Watch band

Apple is researching a new feature for watch bands Apple Watch It is so that they can change the color only with the aim of coordinating with the user’s clothes.

According to the reports published in this regard, Apple has registered a new patent that mentions the feature of changing the color of the Apple Watch band. The description of this patent states:

“Users may wish to personalize their watch band for versatility and style expression. For example, a user may want a specific color watchband based on their clothing, other wearables, environment, or other preferences.”

How the Apple Watch adjustable strap works

Apple patent

The Cupertino giant mentions in its patent that to make this happen, watch bands with “electrochromic properties” are needed. According to the explanation provided in the patent, in this model, with the help of “applied voltage”, a variety of colors and different color combinations can be displayed on the strap.

Apple explains further in its patent:

“Color selection can be done and adjusted without removing and replacing the watch band. Accordingly, various colors can be displayed at different times without the need for different watch bands for each color or color combination.”

In addition, according to the description provided, apparently, changing the color of the watch band can announce notifications to users. Apple wrote in its patent:

“Color-adjustable watchband elements can be arranged and controlled independently, allowing the system to display certain symbols, shapes, or text by lighting up specific elements.”

So, with this color-changing technology, it’s apparently possible to display a text message on your Apple Watch band.

Recently, there have been other different reports about Apple’s patents. In one of them, it was said that the tech giant is apparently working on the development of a foldable mobile phone with a touch sensor on its edge.

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