Apple is working on a new Custom Accessibility mode to make iOS easier

Apple has just released the second beta of iOS 16.2 to developers. In this version, there are apparently references to a state called Custom Accessibility Mode It exists that makes it possible for more people to use Apple phones. This feature allows different parts of the system, such as the user interface, to be changed or simplified according to the user’s needs.

According to 9to5Mac, this new mode, nicknamed Clarity It’s in testing, essentially replacing the original iOS interface called Springboard. This feature, which is not yet available to users in the current beta, aims to simplify the iPhone user interface for users who may find the current interface too simple.

Introducing Custom Accessibility Mode

Apple already has a similar feature called Guided Access that allows users to limit device usage to one app. But Custom Accessibility Mode allows you to move in the system. For example, the user can select sections such as User interface and text size change the apps on the home screen, determine the authorized audience and provide access to the physical buttons.

ClarityUI settings

The complexities of the iOS interface and apps are reduced

These settings can be protected with a password. Additionally, this mode can be enabled or disabled by triple-pressing the Power or Home button. When Custom Accessibility Mode is enabled, even Apps user interface It also becomes extremely simplified and their elements take on a larger size.

iOS user interface with Custom Accessibility Mode

Here you can see an image of the simple version of the lock screen, which can be unlocked by holding the finger. Also, the home page is seen with four big program icons and there is no more dock. The Messages app is also very simplified and has eliminated almost all the extra elements to focus on the most important information.

Although the mention of this feature has been seen in the iOS 16.2 beta, it cannot be said with certainty that this feature is going to be released in this version. iOS 16.2 is expected to arrive in mid-December.

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