Apple Watch Ultra equipped with a MicroLED display will arrive in the second half of 2025

Apple is working on an upgraded version of the Apple Watch Ultra with a microLED display, which may not arrive until the second half of 2025, according to a new rumor.

For a long time, there have been rumors about the development of a microLED display by Apple for this company’s smart watches. But now the prominent analyst of the screen world, “Ross Young”, in a tweet It has been claimed that we should not wait for the introduction of Apple Watch Ultra with this type of panel until 2025.

Apple Watch Ultra with MicroLED display is coming

According to Yang, Apple has postponed its plans to launch the Apple Watch Ultra with a microLED panel, so it is unlikely that this product will be introduced next year. Of course, Yang has mentioned 2025 in the past, but now he has predicted that the device will arrive in the second half of 2025.

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Bloomberg reporter Mark German is another reliable source who has confirmed the development of the Apple Watch equipped with a microLED display. In January of this year, Garmin announced the development of such a product and also said that we should wait for its introduction in late 2024. In addition to German, another market analyst named “Jeff Poe” announced the introduction of this product in 2024. But apparently, from then until now, the Cupertinos’ schedule has changed, and in late 2025 we are facing such a product.

In general, rumors about the release date of products that are at least one year away from their introduction are not very accurate. On the other hand, Apple does not introduce and launch a product until it is sure of its performance. So maybe Apple has decided to change its plans due to problems in design, supply of parts, production and other things.

It is expected that the Apple Watch Ultra will be the first Apple product with a microLED display, and then we will see the addition of this panel to iPhones and other Cupertino devices.

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