Apple’s 50 million dollar fine for the butterfly keyboard was confirmed

Apple fined $50 million for a class action lawsuit filed by a group of users Butterfly keyboard Macbooks fail, now Final license has received itself. The plaintiffs in the case alleged that the Cupertino company knowingly hid the fact that the MacBook’s butterfly keyboard was prone to failure. Now the company that manufactures the iPhone in the near future, refunds between 50 until the $395 It will start to Macbook users.

A US judge upheld the $50 million fine, calling it “fair, adequate and reasonable,” Reuters explains in a new report. According to the ruling, MacBook users will receive between $50 and $395 in settlement.

Also, some plaintiffs in the mid-level case consider the ruling insufficient, according to which users who received only one replacement keyboard from Apple will be paid $125. But “Edward Davila”, the district judge of the United States, has rejected these claims. In addition, some users have argued that the refund should go to MacBook owners who have not had their butterfly keyboard repaired, a claim denied by Davila.

The story of Apple’s butterfly keyboard

The butterfly keyboard first hit the market in 2015 with the 12-inch MacBook. Later, Apple used this design in the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, despite concerns about its durability and reliability.

The existence of the same group of problems caused Macbook users to report problems such as stuck or broken butterfly keyboard keys and other things. From 2015 to 2019, Apple changed the design of this keyboard several times, but none of these efforts could completely solve the problems of MacBook users.

After that, Apple faced several lawsuits across the United States. Despite this complaint, the technology giant offered a free keyboard replacement service to its users, which, of course, was not an ideal solution; Because it replaced the broken keyboards with another keyboard that still had the possibility of being damaged in the same way.

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