Apple’s mixed reality headset can be used all day

Apple He beleives Mixed reality headset The future is what is said Reality Pro It’s called, they can turn into a revenue generating machine like the iPhone. However, its high price tag ($2,000) is likely to raise concerns. Now, in a new report, new information about this device has been announced.

Apple’s mixed reality headset is scheduled to enter mass production in March this year. Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman wrote in the latest issue of his Power On newsletter that the top executives of the Cupertino giant believe that the Reality Pro headset can be used all day long without the need to use a laptop or carry a phone. It will not be by users.

Gorman wrote in his report:

“Apple has mapped out a vision where the headset can be used all day, in all places. This can eliminate the need for a laptop or even carrying a phone. Despite the high price of Apple’s initial headset, some people at the company believe that the first model will be tempting for customers.

Apple’s mixed reality headset performance compared to the iPhone

Apple's AR headset

Additionally, Gorman points out that a mixed reality headset won’t outperform an iPhone or iPad in terms of performance for many tasks other than watching media content or FaceTime.

“Apple’s entry-level headset is probably not going to be better than an iPhone or iPad at anything other than watching video and FaceTime, and I don’t think there are many consumers who will pay $2,000 for that. It’s five times the price of an iPhone, which even in 2007 some people thought was too expensive.”

Apple is expected to introduce the Mixed Reality Pro headset before its WWDC 2023 event.

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