Apple’s mixed reality headset is likely to go into mass production in March 2023

According to a new report, Apple is exclusively developing in collaboration with Pegatron Mixed reality headset and apparently its mass production will start in March 2023.

The DigiTimes website claimed in a report that the initial production of this headset will be very limited and also that this product will be launched at a high price. Apparently, Apple is targeting the business market:

According to industry sources, this mixed reality headset is specifically aimed at business markets. The price of this product will be high and it will be released in limited quantities. In the past, annual sales of 2.5 million units were predicted for this headset, but now its sales are expected to reach 0.7 to 0.8 million units annually. “For a supply chain that benefits from high production, it will not be very profitable to produce this product.”

Suppliers eager to produce Apple’s mixed reality headset

Despite the low profitability, suppliers are eager to work with Apple to produce this product; Because they want to show their technical ability to Cupertinos. In fact, by doing this, the suppliers will receive more orders in future generations and higher profits will be deposited into their bank accounts.

Fresh information from Apple's mixed reality headset

Apple has been developing augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality headsets for several years, but due to the problems it has experienced along the way, we have not yet seen a product introduced by it.

While some reports announced the introduction of this headset in 2022, prominent Apple product analyst Ming-Chi Kuo announced a few months ago that Apple is looking to unveil this product in January 2023.

Finally, all the evidence points to the fact that Apple will unveil its mixed reality headset next year and will probably make it available to buyers in the second half of 2023. This headset is expected to be priced above $2,000.

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