April Tepsi’s income report

During its one-month activity in April 1402, Tapsi earned about 50 billion tomans, which has more than doubled compared to April 1401.

The one-month activity report of “Technology and Knowledge Pioneers of Aramis” (Tapsi) has been published on Kodal. According to this report, Tapsi has identified more than 47 billion tomans of income from the commission received from its ambassadors.

Farvardin Tapsi's income

The company’s telephone service also earned 2 billion tomans, restarting 147 million tomans, fines for ambassadors and passengers about 10 million tomans, and bad records of ambassadors also earned 130 million tomans of income for this company. Also, Tapsi has earned about 273 million tomans from other fields, so that the total income of this company in April reaches more than 49 billion and 698 million tomans.

This total income has grown 2 times compared to April 1401. Tepsi’s income at that time was 24 billion tomans. Of course, the income of the previous month of Tapsi is significantly lower compared to the months of March and February of last year.

This company broke its monthly revenue record in March and reached more than 79 billion Tomans. Tepsi’s income in the months of February and December 1401 was more than 60 billion tomans. It seems that due to Nowruz holidays, when universities and schools are closed for half of the month, this drop in income is normal for an online taxi.

Tapsi Company reactivated the “Tapsi Line” shared travel service for Tehran users at the end of March 1401; A service that has provided users with the possibility of two passengers using the same car at a lower cost and will probably add to Tepsi’s income.

It should be mentioned that Tapsi will hold its extraordinary general assembly on Monday, May 18, and “changing the company’s name” is on the agenda of this meeting.

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