Aragami developer studio will be closed soon

Lensworks studio, the creator of Aragami series, has announced the closure and stop of new projects.

Lensworks Studio, the developer of the Aragami series of stealth and action-adventure, has announced that it will be shutting down in April. In a new tweet, it was confirmed that the development of new studio projects will be stopped from next month. The studio wrote in its statement:

“The last few years have been very difficult as we shifted our focus to developing new IPs and a new era for the studio. We were ambitious about what we wanted to achieve as a studio; But unfortunately, despite the good progress, the economic framework was not suitable and our time ran out. The work of this studio will remain unfinished for the past years, which has broken the hearts of the people of the studio.

The logo of the closing Lince Works studio

Later, Lince Works confirmed that both Aragami games and its second version will remain in stores, and online co-op is also accessible to all players. After thanking fans and members of the development team, the studio said it will do its best to help its creators find the best place to continue their careers.

Finally, the studio wrote: “Although we are closing our doors, the memories and experiences between the production team and you, our fans, will always remain.” Linus Works in the year 2016 made a name for itself with the development of Aragami, a stealth artifact where the player must remain in the shadows. In 2021, Aragami 2 was released, improving the mechanics and combat of the previous game and adding co-op support for up to three players. Although this game did not receive very high scores, its experience is not without pleasure.

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