Arizo 5 Sport was introduced; Technical specifications + price of the new sedan of car managers

Arizo 5 is one of the well-known sedans of car managers, which has been present in our market since the middle of the 1390s. This car first came to our market with a naturally aspirated engine, but then the turbocharger version was also produced by car managers. Now, in the last days of May 1402, the car managers have unveiled a new version of this sedan named Arizo 5 Sport.

Arizo 5 Sport is actually the facelifted version of Arizo 5 Turbocharger. Limited appearance changes have occurred in the exterior and interior of the car. Features have also been added to the car. In the field of technical specifications, improvements have been made in this car.

Appearance changes

Perhaps the most obvious change made in Arezzo 5 Sport is the new grille of this car. This grille uses chrome parallel lines and is designed slightly protruding. However, the main headlights and daytime running lights are no different from the turbocharged Arizzo 5. Black strips have been added to the sides of the front bumper to make it appear muscular and bulky. There is no change in the side view of the car and even the rims of the car are of the five-spoke type installed on the turbocharger version.

Arizo 5S

Changes to the rear view are also limited compared to the front view. The fog lights, which were on the bumper in the regular and turbocharged versions, have now been moved to the upper part of the bumper. Instead of these fog lights, there are two exhaust outlets, which are not real, and the main exhaust outlet is behind the bumper. Arizo 5 Sport is currently considered one of the MVM brand products and will be known as MVM Arizo 5 Turbo Sport.

Arizo 5 Sport technical specifications

Under the hood of Arezzo 5S is the same 1.5-liter turbocharger engine that produces 147 horsepower and 210 Nm of torque. This engine is used in a wide range of MVM and Phoenix cars, including Arizo 6 Pro, Tigo 7 Pro and MVM X55 Pro. The widespread use of this engine in Phoenix and MVM products has made it not difficult for Iranian customers to access spare parts for this engine.

The CVT automatic transmission is responsible for sending power to the front wheels in Arizo 5 Sport. This gearbox artificially provides 9 gears to the driver. This gearbox is a new generation of Chery gearboxes and has been used in various products of this brand from MVM X22 Pro to Tigo 7 Pro. Chery’s new automatic transmission has better performance compared to the previous CVT transmissions of this company. However, we do not expect a significant change in terms of fuel consumption or initial acceleration from Arizo 5 Sport.

Cabin and facilities

The general design style of the dashboard of Arizzo 5 Sport is similar to the cabin of the regular Arizzo 5 Turbocharger, however, some details have been changed in the cabin of this car. The first change is seen in the ventilation panel controllers. These controllers are now mounted slightly higher than before and have changed from tactile to physical.

The design of the middle console of the car has also changed. This console now uses the same patterns as the MVM X55 Pro. The middle console of Arizo 5 Sport consists of two inverted trapezoids instead of the former rectangular design. All the control keys of the middle section have also been moved to the left side, i.e. the driver’s section, and there are no more keys on the right side of the gear shift lever. However, the design style of the gear shift lever and vents of the ventilation system is the same as before.

In addition to changing the ventilation panel, several other things have been changed in the Arizo 5S cabin. The car steering wheel now has a die-cut design. The driver’s seat is also electrically adjustable. Also, both front seats are equipped with heaters.

Arizo 5 Sport price and competitors

The price of Arezzo 5 Sport is stated to be 1 billion and 190 million tomans by car managers, which is about 20% less than Phoenix Arizzo 6 Pro. The direct competitor of Arizo 5S in this price range is Bahman Respect Prime with a price of one billion and 83 million Tomans. These two cars are at a similar level in terms of technical specifications, dimensions, and amenities. Therefore, the competition between them will be attractive in the near future. Dena Plus Turbo Automatic is another competitor of the car managers product, which is sold at an official price of 544 million tomans, but its price in the open market is around 950 million tomans. However, we have to wait for the release of Arezzo 5 Sport in the market so that the price of this car in the open market will be determined.

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