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Artifact app It is a new product from the two founders of Instagram that uses artificial intelligence. This app tries to display the most suitable news and content by focusing on identifying the behavior of users and identifying their interests. In the following article, we have introduced the features and capabilities of this program along with how to use it.

Program Artifact What is?

Mike Kreiger and Kevin Systrom are the two founders of Instagram who left this social network in 2018 after a conflict with the managers of Meta (Facebook). Now they have returned to the digital world with a new application that tries to collect articles and news from various sources, such as reputable publications or even small personal blogs, and provide them to its users.

The important thing is that the Artifact program from Artificial intelligence It uses to understand users’ interests and tries to provide a personalized news feed to each person. The more time people spend inside the app, the better the algorithms can suggest suitable posts for them. Also, the creators have promised that in the near future it will be possible for users to interact by commenting on posts and sending direct messages to each other, so that a small social network will be formed within the said app.

Artifact app

It is worth noting that the idea used in the Artifact program is not so new; Because the company Byte Dance (the owner of TikTok) has released a similar application called Toutiao, which works on the same basis. This app has achieved significant success in China and currently has 200 million users and is valued at around 75 billion dollars. Artifact can also be considered an indirect competitor of Twitter; Although its current features are still not enough to compete closely with Twitter.

Program Artifact What capabilities does it have?

The Artifact program was only available to a limited number of users on a trial basis for a while; But now it is publicly available to owners of Android, iPhone and iPad devices and it is possible to get it directly from Google Play and App Store. The links to download the application are given in the download box at the end of the article.

After installing the Artifact application and entering it, you will be faced with a relatively simple page that does not present any special option to the user to register for this service. To enter the app and access its features, just click on the Continue button. In the following, you must At least 10 topics Select your favorite so that AI can display related posts. The selectable categories have a relatively high variety and a variety of topics such as politics, lifestyle, health, technology, business, art, sports, etc. can be found among them.

Artifact app

Interested parties can connect to Artifact if they subscribe to non-free publications such as the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) or the Economist. For this purpose, after selecting the desired topics and pressing the Continue button, you will reach the Add Paid Subscriptions page, where it is possible to select paid news sources. The mentioned app prioritizes the content of these publications and will display more of their content in the user’s feed compared to free sources.

After going through the steps mentioned above and entering the main part of the application, you will see a message stating that your interests have been recognized by the Artifact program. Program creators, read At least 25 articles are considered to recognize suitable content for the user, and its value will be visible in the form of a circular progress bar in the lower right corner of the screen.

Artifact app

The application consists of three main tabs, the most important of which are Home tab is considered. In this tab, the user’s exclusive feed, whose content is selected based on his taste, is displayed in the For You section. Next, each selected topic can be selected in the form of a separate part of the navigation menu at the top of the page, so that only the content related to that topic is displayed. You can also edit the navigation menu and add new topics to your favorites by tapping the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

By touching any news, the related page will be opened in full screen with a fixed panel at the bottom. This panel accepts the back key along with an option to bookmark the news. Also, by clicking the flash icon on the right side of the panel, you can access more options to report the news, hide the publisher’s content, copy the page link, share directly, show less similar content, and read mode with a dark background.

Artifact app

By selecting the search bar at the top of the page, users can access various publications or news related to a specific term. By selecting any publication, you will be transferred to its dedicated page, where the contents published by that source will be listed in order according to your taste.

By touching the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the publication page, you can temporarily (for 30 days) or permanently stop displaying content from that source. This feature is available in different parts of the Artifact application. For example, by holding your finger on the news title for a few moments, you can access a menu where Snooze Publisher and Hide Publisher options are visible.

Artifact app

The bell icon in the upper right corner of the Home screen is also used to access the notifications sent by the program. These notifications are usually related to registered responses to user comments; But the comment section is currently not available to all people. Also, the application automatically sends content that may be important and interesting to you several times a day in the form of notifications. Of course, if you are not interested in this feature, you can disable it from the settings section.

The more time people spend inside the app, the better the algorithms can suggest suitable posts for them.

The second tab with the name Headlines It is visible inside the Artifact program, it contains the headlines of the important news of the day; But most of them have nothing to do with the topics selected by the user. At the bottom of each title, the number of available materials around it is mentioned, and by touching it, you can access news and articles. It is worth noting that in this section, unlike the Home tab, the contents are listed in chronological order, and newer news will be placed in the upper part of the page.

Artifact app

The last fever profile It includes user activities and related statistics. For example, the number of days of using the program are displayed next to the clicked posts. Also, the Read Later option to access bookmarked content and the Reading History option to view the history of news and read articles are also located in this tab.

By clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner of the profile tab, you can access many other options, such as managing subscriptions to non-free publications, blocked sources, control of notification of suggested news and Settings Access user account. By clicking the Content Request option, you will be able to request the app developers to add a new news source to the app by mentioning the website address or RSS feed.

Artifact app

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, you will not need to create an account to use the Artifact program; But by selecting the Account Options option, you can connect a mobile number to your account so that in the future you can access the user account again by receiving a confirmation code via SMS. It’s worth noting that at the time of writing, only US numbers can be entered into the app, and other prefixes are not supported.


The Artifact program can be considered a combination of Google News and Tik Tok, which aims to show users’ favorite content by learning their tastes through artificial intelligence, so that they spend more time in the app. The ability to add subscriptions to non-free publications and prioritize them is a practical and important feature that can be very useful for professional users. It goes without saying that the mentioned application is still in early access mode and more features will probably be added to it in the coming months.

operating system:
Android, iOS and iPadOS
12 and 38 MB

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Artifact program?

The Artifact application is an artificial intelligence-based news reader that can display the right content for users by recognizing their interest over time.

How to use Artifact?

After installing the Artifact application, you can use its features without creating an account.

Does the Artifact app require an account?

No; But if you want to save your user settings, you need to connect a US number to your account.

What are the prerequisites for installing Artifact?

Artifact application can be installed on devices based on Android 6 and later and iPhone and iPad based on iOS 14.5 and later.

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