Asiatec optical fiber project was inaugurated with the presence of the president

Fiber optic (FTTX) project of Asiatec in Chalus city was inaugurated today in the presence of the president and the minister of communication.

According to Digiato’s report and quoting from Asiatec’s public relations, the opening ceremony of Asiatec’s optical fiber (FTTX) project in Mazandaran province was held virtually today at the same time as the National Communication Day, with the presence of the President and the Minister of Communications.

The first phase of this project has been implemented in Chalus and today it has reached the operational stage. In this way, the people of this city can connect to the Internet using high-speed internet based on optical fiber up to the speed of 1000 Mbps.

In a part of this ceremony, a speed test was conducted by the order of “Isa Zarepour”, the Minister of Communications, who announced that the download speed is 939 megabits per second and the upload speed of fiber optic internet is 492, emphasizing: “This is while our upload speed is In the country it is three megabits per second. This means that the speed of the Internet has increased almost 130 times.

Asiatek fiber optic download speed
Asiatec fiber optic upload speed

It should be noted that the Minister of Communications announced this morning on the sidelines of the government board meeting: “In the first phase of this plan, three million households in 100 cities will be covered. In this phase, in 10 cities, we see more than 70% fiber optic coverage of homes and businesses. With the development of optical fiber, the country’s fixed communications capacity will increase significantly, and the quality and speed of mobile communications will increase. Because both the burden of communication is removed from the mobile network and by connecting BTSs to optical fiber, operators can provide maximum speed to people.”

Last week, in a ceremony attended by “Amir Mohammadzadeh Lajurdi”, the Deputy Minister of Communications, the speed of 930 megabytes of Asiatec fiber internet was unveiled in a test form in “Qurbani” Zindayad Conservatory in Chalus city.

Last year, Mohammad Ali Yousefizadeh, the CEO of Asiatec, emphasized during the opening ceremony of the implementation of the optical fiber project in Mazandaran, that one million households will benefit from the high-speed Internet project through the MoU signed with the Ministry of Communications, and Mazandaran province is included in this. It is planned.

According to him, making this province and its cities smart is the basic need of the province: “During 6 months, a complete and stable fiber optic service in Chalus will help 35 thousand households to access high-speed internet. “With the implementation of this project, the Internet speed will be increased up to 100 times the current situation, and its minimum speed is 100 megabits per second.”

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