Australia is the first in the world to allow fecal implants as a treatment

For the first time in the world, Australia issued a license to implant human feces. In this method, eligible people donate their feces so that useful microbes are available to doctors. Then these microbes can be transferred to the digestive system of sick people.

According to the Guardian, researchers in this treatment method currently put fecal material into the patient’s body through the colon, but it is expected that oral treatments will be available in the future. Company BiomeBank In Adelaide, Australia, it is the first company that was able to get a license for this treatment from a government authority in the world.

BiomeBank’s Sam Costello says the treatment has been in the works for several years, but licensing it could be an important step toward developing a Standard treatment framework be As a result, doctors can now prescribe this treatment with more confidence.

Why is it important to plant feces in the body?

Gut microbiome To keep humans healthy, it must have high microbial diversity. But reducing the variety of diets and taking drugs such as antibiotics have been problematic for this microbial environment. In some people, the microbiome is so destroyed that medical intervention is needed, and such treatment can be life-saving.


Currently, trials have shown that fecal implant therapy can be used to treat pseudomembranous enterocolitis (C diff) to be effective. This infection is so dangerous that it can even lead to death. At the same time, there are many other researches that are currently investigating other uses of this treatment method.

There is also evidence that this treatment can be used for Ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases to be effective. In addition, Obesity and autism There are other diseases that can be treated with stool implantation. Of course, these theories have not yet been proven in extensive studies and more research is needed in this field.

It should be mentioned that few people can be stool donors and they are usually called “Unicorn” We know. These people should not have chronic digestive disorder, infectious disease or immunodeficiency disease. In addition, they must not have received antibiotics recently, and various tests for various diseases are taken from these people.

Further, after receiving the sample, the healthy person’s stool is tested again to check for problems that may not be visible in the donor’s own body. Finally, after being cleaned of harmful substances, these samples are placed in a chamber with Specific temperature are kept exposed oxygen Do not place

At the time of consumption, the doctor puts them in a syringe with a flexible tube and puts them in the colon of the patient. Researchers say that this method, unlike the use of pills or capsules, allows a large volume of fecal material to be transferred to the patient’s body. But if this treatment is to be used for other diseases, probably to More than one stool planting session There is a need and there maybe methods for oral consumption of these substances will be invented.

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