Bard’s AI chatbot will be upgraded soon

The competition in the world of artificial intelligence-based chatbots is getting more intense day by day, to the point where Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said that Bard, the company’s newest chatbot, will soon be upgraded. Google has different language models based on which it can build a chatbot. Of course, the more advanced and […]

NASA launched Tyros-1, America’s first weather satellite

On April 1, 1960, the United States launched its first weather satellite into Earth orbit. This satellite Tyros-1 had a name About the satellite The Tyros-1 program was initially part of the United States Department of Defense program in 1958, which was transferred to the newly established NASA organization the following year. This satellite had […]

People’s social status can affect how they respond to stress

Researchers have found that a person’s social rank directly affects a person’s stress and how they respond to stressful situations. This effectiveness is more in women than in men. In a study inCurrent Biologypublished, scientists have studied the effect of people’s social position on different types of personal and social stress. In this study, it […]

How living next to a railroad can harm your health

On February 9, a Norfolk Southern train derailed near East Plastin, Ohio, spilling 11 cars’ worth of hazardous materials. Although no one was injured in the incident, government officials evacuated the city so firefighters could carry out a controlled explosion of some containers carrying a toxic substance called vinyl chloride, which is used to make […]

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